May 28, 2023

6 Best Transparent Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Although the Galaxy Z Fold5 is an incremental upgrade over its predecessor, Samsung’s latest foldable still makes a strong case for first-time users or those upgrading from the Fold3 or Fold2. So if you’ve bought a new foldable from Samsung, a protective case and a fast charger are two must-have accessories for your expensive purchase. Here are the best clear cases for Galaxy Z Fold5.

An accidental drop may cause significant damage to your Galaxy Z Fold5’s external screen, hinge, or camera module on the back. As such, if you want to avoid frequent trips to the service center and show off the Z Fold5’s signature light blue color, you should get a transparent case for the device.

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Are you running low on cash after spending nearly $1,800 on your Galaxy Z Fold5 and other accessories? If so, you must be looking for an affordable clear case for Z Fold5. Well, the AICase for Galaxy Z Fold5 is worth checking out.

AICase offers raised protection around the camera and outer screen to prevent scratches. It’s made of a high-grade German tough PC, and the company guarantees improved scratch resistance and protection against the yellowing effect. It is compatible with wireless charging too.

Most clear case manufacturers advertise anti-yellowing claims in their advertising materials. However, you should always take them with a pinch of salt, as your transparent case could develop a yellow tint over time. Thankfully, AICase also offers a host of other features with its clear case for the Fold5. For one, the case’s ultra-slim form factor doesn’t add any unwarranted bulk to the smartphone.

Additionally, it fits the Galaxy Z Fold5 snugly and has precise cutouts for all the holes and slots. The company also offers another case with an S-Pen slot. If you plan to purchase the stylus, make sure to check the A2 model with a pen holder.


Ringke’s Slim Clear Case is another affordable clear case for Galaxy Z Fold5. You can pick up the clear case to show off the smartphone’s back or opt for one with a matte finish that should keep the yellowing effect at bay.

Ringke’s case offers 1.2mm raised protection around the external panel. The case has 0.7mm raised bezels around the camera module to safeguard it from scratches. The case works perfectly fine with a wireless charger, and you can even use the smartphone’s power share feature to charge your small devices like smartwatches and earbuds on the go.

Unlike some other Z Fold5 cases, Ringke’s slim and clear case weighs around 0.75oz. After all, the Z Fold5 is already a heavy device, and the last thing you want is a bulky case for it. The case also comes with non-slip tape on the sides to offer a better grip. The micro-dot pattern on the back ensures a stylish look and protection against micro scratches.


Do you want complete protection for your Galaxy Z Fold5? Look no further and get the VRS Design’s transparent case. It protects your Galaxy Z Fold5’s hinge, and your purchase comes with a screen protector too.

VRS Design is one of the few OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to offer a spring-loaded hinge cover case for Galaxy Z Fold5. Built using high-quality materials, the case takes care of the camera module and the outer screen with raised edges.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 is IPX8 rated, meaning it resists moisture and water. So if you live in windy areas, the case can come in handy to protect your hinge from dust and scratches. That’s not all, as the case works fine with existing wireless chargers. The case is quite bulky, though and you may feel some heft after applying it on a Z Fold5.


Speaking of the best clear cases for the Galaxy Z Fold5, how can we leave Spigen out of the list? The company is known for offering impeccable cases and accessories for flagship phones and tablets, and its transparent case for Z Fold5 is no different.

Spigen is a part of Samsung’s official accessory partnership program. As such, the company has access to the exact device dimensions before the launch. As such, the Spigen cases are custom-built for Samsung phones. The company’s clear case for Z Fold5 consists of a TPU bumper and a durable PC back.

The transparent case covers the basics with wireless charging compatibility, Samsung PowerShare, and raised bezels around the screen and camera. Additionally, the company’s renowned Air Cushion Technology prevents damage to the corners. Spigen also offers a trendy Zero One model that shows your phone’s geeky side.


Samsung has introduced a slim S Pen with the Z Fold5. However, the older S Pen will work perfectly with the latest foldable. So if you are looking for a clear case with a dedicated slot to fit your old S Pen, get the i-Blason TPU cover.

Unlike the Galaxy Ultra series, the Z Fold5 doesn’t come with an S Pen. In fact, it’s a separate purchase for Fold users. Many still prefer the old S Pen Fold Edition due to its thicker size and better comfort. The i-Blason case offers all-around protection to your Z Fold5 and a separate silo for S Pen.

The i-Blason TPU cover offers reliable protection against scratches, bumps, or falls up to 10-ft. The company has neatly designed the hinge protection with an S Pen slot. However, it does add considerable bulk to your foldable, so keep that in mind before you add the case to your cart.


Samsung offers several accessories for Galaxy Z Fold5. The clear gadget case is one such option to protect your foldable on the go. Seeing how it’s the official case, you can expect it to fit your expensive foldable snugly.

Samsung did not simply create a plain and simple phone case and call it a day. Instead, the company has thoughtfully designed the transparent case, which can be accessorized with grips and straps. The detachable grip, in particular, offers a solid grip when folded, and you can convert it into a kickstand to enjoy a giant internal screen.

If anything, it’s possible that the case could turn yellow as time passes. On the upside, Samsung is known for offering rewards and points for expensive purchases. So, if you have stacked enough points, you can use them to purchase the Z Fold5 clear case from the official website.

Choose one of the clear cases from the list and keep Samsung’s impressive engineering always in view. Apart from a TPU cover, you should also get one of the top TWS earbuds with multipoint connectivity to stream your Spotify playlists on the go.

As for our recommendation from the list of best clear cases for Galaxy Z Fold5, we’d say go for the VRS Design Transparent Case for Z Fold5. It’s affordable and definitely gets the job done.

Last updated on 03 August, 2023

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