Aug 16, 2023

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 screen protectors and cases in 2023

Protect your Galaxy Watch 5 by equipping it with a great screen protector and case.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is one of the best Android smartwatches available right now, and for a good reason. But, if you plan to pick up one of Samsung’s latest wearables, you'll want to protect it as much as possible.

Protecting your display from drops, scratches, and even fingerprints is essential, especially for a device you’ll interact with often and one that others can see on your wrist. Since its release, plenty of cases and screen protectors for the Galaxy Watch 5 have popped up, giving you several ways to protect your most recent wearable investment. Here are our top picks to keep your Watch 5 safe and secure.

Caseology makes some of the best cases out there, and Galaxy Watch 5 owners looking for a slim but protective case with a strap will find plenty to offer with the Nano Pop Case for the Watch 5. Not only does the case conform well to the watch, but the strap is made of silicone, making it perfect for those who want a sportier look with their Watch 5 with all the protection a normal case offers.

If you aren’t looking for a full case, Spigen’s EZ Fit screen protector allows you to protect your Galaxy Watch 5 without adding any extra bulk. And because the screen protector is easy-to-install, it makes putting a screen protector on your watch face exceptionally simple. It also helps eliminate any bubbles that might pop up when putting a protector on without a guide and ensures you can line up the edges without issue.

Screen protectors can protect your watch face from scratches, but what about bumps and collisions with the world around you? That's where protectors like these from Tensea come into play. They offer a tempered glass protector on the watch's face, and the hard PC bumper situates around the watch and protects the outer case from any scratches or dents. Plus, this value pack offers multiple covers, so you can replace them when needed.

SUPCASE is well known for its phone and tablet cases, and the Unicorn Beetle Pro series case for the Watch 5 is another great option for users that want a full body cover and band to protect their wearable investment. This case is a bit bulkier than other options out there, but it offers plenty of protection from drops, bumps, and any collisions you might have on a daily basis. This case is for those who want to add a little more protection to their Galaxy Watch 5 and don’t mind a bulkier look.

Plenty of simple tempered glass screen protectors exist for the Galaxy Watch 5. But the SuperShieldz HD protector stands out because of its thin design that offers crystal-clear opacity and tough scratch protection. This watch protector allows you to protect the screen on your Watch 5 without the thick glass-like appearance and feeling that others come with. This unique design means you get maximum protection without affecting how clear your watch looks or even how it responds to your touch.

Goton’s bumper screen protector combines a traditional screen protector with a hard PC bumper that helps to protect your watch face’s sides and bezel. Its thin design won’t add unnecessary bulk to the watch, but still offers protection from drops and scratches. Precise cutouts on the bumper mean you can interact with all the watch’s buttons and health sensors without any issues or hiccups. There are also plenty of colorful options to choose from, making it an easy protector to pair with a variety of bands.

Many bumper cases for the Galaxy Watch 5 come in colorful options that are more fitting for sports bands. However, if you want a protector case that works with fancier-looking bands, the JZK protector and bumper case give you clear options, as well as rose gold and even black bumper colors. This makes it a perfect accessory to pair with standard watch bands while still letting your Galaxy Watch 5 shine through as the classy wearable that it is. It also features well-rounded cut-outs, making it easy to interact with the buttons and sensors on your watch.

Privacy advocates will find the Nxtudy Anti-Spy screen protector perfect for their Galaxy Watch 5. Thanks to its simple design, this tempered glass screen protector is a fantastic option for anyone who wants more control over who can see their watch display. When viewed at an angle, the Nxtudy Anti-Spy protector darkens, making it more difficult for overzealous observers to pick up on important information like texts, notifications, or other private data you might not want to display for all the world to see.

The Ringke Slim Minimalist case is made especially for those who want to add protection to their Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatch without going overboard on bulky and heavy cases or protectors. This bumper wraps perfectly around the watch face, allowing the buttons and sensors to work without issue. And, if you want to add even more protection, the clear and black design makes it easy to pair it with other bands and protective options.

Spigen is a household name in the case market and its various offers for the Galaxy Watch 5 are all exceptional. One of the best on the market right now is the Liquid Air Armor case. This lightweight and protective case envelops the body of the Galaxy Watch 5 perfectly, offering a sleek and modern look that pairs easily with any band while also protecting from scratches and drops.

Hard cases tend to get the most coverage when it comes to protecting your smart tech, but the Ohprocs soft TPU bumper case is not an option you’ll want to overlook. This case is made of a softer material that makes it a perfect absorbent for drops and bumps. The design also features some great cutouts, allowing you to interact with the buttons and use the various sensors built into the Galaxy Watch 5. The material is also flexible, which makes it easy to install and adjust as needed, all without discounting the protection it offers.

This screen protector and bumper case combination is perfect for those who want to protect all sides of their Galaxy Watch 5. The bumper is made with perfectly placed cutouts, allowing all the buttons to work as intended without issue. And, because the screen protector is attached, you won’t need to struggle to install it. Plus, this pack comes with several options, allowing you to mix and match as wanted. With 9H tempered glass, the screen protector will protect from all major scratches and drops without adding a thick barrier between you and your watch face.

The YMHML Anti-Scratch film screen protector combines the protection of a traditional tempered glass protector with the anti-scratch capabilities of a more film-like option. This allows you to interact entirely with your device while offering protection from scratches, drops, and dings that might be picked up during regular daily use. These screen protectors come in an affordable 4-pack and offer HD clarity with exceptional responsiveness and anti-fingerprint protection.

Protecting your privacy is important, especially in this day and age. That’s why screen protectors like the Dafus Privacy screen protector have become so popular. Not only does it keep the Galaxy Watch 5’s face protected from scratches and drops, but it also adds a dark tint to it when viewed at an angle. This makes it exceptional and keeps observers from reading your notifications. It also means you’ll need to pull your watch up all the way to see everything clearly, as viewing your watch at an angle may be tricky once this protector is installed.

If you want more protection and don’t mind something a bit more rugged, the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro is a fantastic screen protector and case combination. This option comes with a sleek, sporty band and a more rugged bumper that sits around the watch face. The button cutouts are very well done, making it easy to interact with every facet of your watch whenever you want. And, because the bulk of the case is situated on the top, it won’t interfere with how the sensors on the bottom of the watch interact with your skin, making it easy to rely on the health readings and other features your watch offers.

Fingerprints are a display’s worst enemy, and you’ll be interacting with your Galaxy Watch 5’s screen quite a bit. If you want to avoid constantly cleaning your display, grabbing something like the Kilimar Anti-Fog screen protector is a great idea. Not only does this protector offer resistance to drops and scratches, but you can also rely on its anti-fingerprint coating to help keep greasy, annoying fingerprints at bay. It doesn’t work perfectly all the time, but it will help cut down on how much you have to wipe your watch face down.

When it comes to screen protectors, sometimes simpler is better. At least, that’s the idea behind SpGuard’s 4-pack of tempered glass screen protectors. These simple protectors attach directly to the watch face, allowing you to protect your display from scratches and drops. There aren’t any bulky bumpers to worry about, and the 9H hardness of the protector will help stop any dings before they strike. They aren’t quite as clear as the HD options from SuperShieldz, but they still offer plenty of protection for Galaxy Watch 5 owners.

There are various screen protectors and cases for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, so sorting through them all might be a bit exhaustive. Thankfully, some options shine brighter than others, and many aren't even that expensive.

For instance, those looking to get the most bang for their buck will surely want to check out the Tensea anti-fog screen protector designed for 44mm model watches. This protector comes in a value pack, giving you plenty of extra protectors should anything happen to your original. Its anti-fingerprint film also means less time spent fighting fingerprints. Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm) owners can count on the Qibox bumper and protector combination to provide superior protection at a great value, too, thanks to the built-in display protection offered by Qibox's hard PC bumper.

If you're looking for premium protection, the Spigen EZ Fit makes it easy to install this durable screen protector onto your Galaxy Watch 5 44mm model. Those with a 40mm model will find that the Ohprocs Soft TPU bumper case offers elite protection with its flexible material that blends perfectly with sportier bands. Of course, that material means you can count on full protection from scratches and dents, too.

For ultimate levels of protection, you'll want to go with the Caseology Nano Pop Case for the 44mm model or Spigen's Liquid Air Armor for the smaller 40mm model smartwatch. Both cases offer unique strengths that help protect from scratches and drops. The Nano Pop Case also comes with an included band and full body protection, though with a slightly bulkier design overall. And if you want to customize your Galaxy Watch 5 further, there are plenty of great options available too.

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