Aug 18, 2023

The best MacBook screen protectors in 2023

Having the best MacBook screen protector is a smart idea and will ensure that your display has ultimate clarity and privacy

The best MacBook screen protectors can do more than just safeguard your expensive laptop screen against daily fingerprints and scratches, but offer a privacy solution too. There are some screen protectors designed to stop prying eyes from seeing the sensitive data that's on your screen, whether they're a stranger sitting next to you on the train, or just a co-worker looking over your shoulder.

Shopping for the best MacBook screen protectors at a reasonable price is a breeze when you know what to look for. Do you desire tempered glass? Need antimicrobial coatings to keep bacteria at bay? Is blue light a concern for you? Hate glare? We'll go over the benefits of having these protective add-ons in detail as we weigh out the pros and cons of each product, but some food for thought would be to really think about how you use your MacBook on a daily basis and your specific needs.

One other thing to think about is compatibility. Every MacBook model can be slightly different in screen size and diameter, so be sure to find out exactly which MacBook model you own by going into your device settings to guarantee you get the correctly-sized screen protector. There's nothing worse than wasting your time and money on a product that isn't right. We've carried out most of the hard work for you with our top picks in this guide, so all you need to do is choose carefully.

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Spigen is one of the best manufacturers on the market when it comes to tech accessories. We've tested hundreds (not an exaggeration) of phone cases from Spigen for different device models, but the company is really well known for its reliable and super high quality screen protectors.

This tempered glass MacBook screen protector from Spigen is no exception, and offers full screen, high transparency edge-to-edge coverage for your MacBook display. It's comprised of reinforced layers that include release film, silicone resin, an OCA layer, tempered glass and anti-dust nano coatings.

Not convinced yet? This glossy screen protector also boasts anti-bubble and anti-scratch durability to keep your screen in top condition, and uses all-around adhesive to ensure that the entire screen is securely covered with no lifting. You only get one screen protector in this pack, but one should be all you need. Be sure to choose the correct size for your device, this protector is compatible with th latest 16" M2 Pro / M2 Max / M1 Pro / M1 Max models as well as older 13" MacBook models.

This screen protector from Belkin is certified by Apple, removable, and reusable. It offers full-screen privacy for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro through a two-way side filter, and when you're done with this screen protector, you can simply remove it and store it in the included TruePrivacy panel to keep it safe and ready for reuse.

This might be a bit of a hassle when commuting, as you'll need to keep the TruePrivacy panel nearby to safely store the screen protector after you're finished with it. Although, if you only use it in the office then it could be left on your desk.

Why would anyone need a privacy screen protector? Even if you're not someone who looks at anything particularly risky during work hours, it can be super important to keep your screen guarded in public to protect sensitive information related to your company or business, or to protect your credit card number if making a purchase online and having someone sneakily look over your shoulder. This might seem over the top – but you never think it will happen to you, until it does.

According to the manufacturer, Mamol, the base material used to create this Blue light blocking screen protector has been imported from Japan and produced from the finest workmanship to ensure excellent quality, compatibility, and durability. It is applied to your MacBook display using nano-silicone paste technology and the pack comes included with 2 screen protectors plus an installation tool kit

Blue light is the invisible light that gets emitted from our screens and can with prolonged use cause eye strain, worsening Myopia, and fatigue. It can even interfere with sleeping patterns

With a blue-light-blocking screen protector such as this one, you can filter and reduce the amount of harmful light reaching your eyes. This screen protector has a matte finish and is quick and easy to install.

This privacy screen protector option from CASETIFY is a little on the expensive side compared with others in this guide, but it's worth the extra price as CASETIFY is a trusted leading brand in smart device accessories, and uses the best quality materials in its production, It offers great customer service and a no-questions-asked return policy for the ultimate satisfaction and confidence in its products.

The magnetic design of this protector allows super easy application and removal with a snap-on and snap-off like effect, with scratch and smudge-resistant coatings on the protector which also guards up to 30% harmful blue light. It has a two-way landscape privacy, meaning that only those directly in front of your MacBook display will be able to see what's on it.

This premium PET anti-glare screen protector pack from JTECH not only protects your MacBook from harsh sunlight, but also defends your display from daily scratches and abrasions that might occur while travelling to and from the office or commuting to coffee shops.

It doesn't have any other fancy features such as reducing blue light emittance or protecting your screen privacy, but the super affordable low price of this screen protector reflects this accordingly, especially for two protectors included.

You get what you pay for in this instance, and while it might not be the best glass on the market, JTECH are a brand we've tested products from before and have high-quality resilience. If you're on a budget but still want to protect your MacBook screen from daily damage, this is the screen protector for you.

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This privacy screen from Kensington is very similar to the Belkin and Casetify ones above, but despite being a lesser-known brand, it actually has some more impressive features. First off, this screen protector attaches to the magnets in your MacBook's frame for super easy application, and is reversible with one glossy side that offers great clarity, and the other side has a matte finish to maximize glare reduction.

In terms of privacy, this magnetic MacBook screen protector is designed to narrow the viewing angle of your display to keep prying eyes away. The field of vision is narrowed to around +/- 30 degrees, reducing the chances of a data breach. It also features a low-reflective coating to reduce glare and increase image clarity.

If this weren't enough, the privacy screen protector is also equipped to deal with fingerprints and has a blue light coating which filters out harmful rays by up to 22%, easing your eye strain from staring at screens all day, and reducing the chances of blue light interrupting your natural sleep patterns.

This Macbook screen protector from CUJINWIN seems a little too good to be true... it has great features such as blue light protection and anti-glare coatings, plus 9H material hardness to keep your device defended in the event of any drops, and it's one of the cheapest protectors in this guide at less than £20/$20.

As there aren't many reviews for this product on Amazon just yet, we advise that you purchase with caution. But with that said, you'll be getting a real bargain if it turns out to be a winner. The description suggests that this blue light screen protector has UV400 protection, Radiation Protection, Anti-scratch coatings, and Anti-static coatings, relieving the fatigue of the your eyes from staring at screens too long.

Other cool features include protection against water, oil, dust, scratches, fingerprints and other smudges, plus it has a bubble adsorption design to remove any small bubbles quickly and easily (so it says).

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The unique part of this privacy bundle from BlueSwan is the inclusion of a camera cover. These can be useful if you don't like the thought of anyone spying through your webcam, or worry that you may have accidentally left it on after a meeting. According to BlueSwan, the camera cover does not interfere with web use or your device indicator light, and won't damage your laptop in any way.

They can also help to keep your MacBook webcam both fingerprint and scratch free for a clearer image quality. The screen protector offers easy installation, attaching magnetically, is easily removable, and can be reused. It also includes a cleaning cloth and dust absorber to allow you to pre-clean your MacBook before installation.

With this privacy screen protector, your on-screen data is visible only to persons directly in front of the monitor, with a limited viewing angle of just +/- 30 degrees either side. It can be left on your MacBook when the lid is closed, though it's probably best to remove the privacy screen after use to keep it neat.

It's easy. What do you want the screen protector to do? If it's the bare minimum such as keeping your screen fingerprint free and safe from scratches then any one of the options in this guide will do the trick. If, however, you have some other concerns such as glare, blue light, privacy, clarity, and general hygiene – then there are plenty of advanced (and slightly pricier) options on the market to tick all these boxes.

As a photographer, do you prioritize webcam privacy and lens safety above anything else? In this case, you might want to look at choosing a MacBook screen protector that includes a camera slider for full control, has a hardness rating of 9H to protect against damage, or has HD clarity for a clearer picture in meetings.

Ultimately, it's your decision which MacBook screen protector to buy, but rest assured that we've done our part of the research to offer you the best recommendations to make an informed choice.

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