Aug 20, 2023

Best Google Pixel 7a screen protectors in 2023

Your Pixel 7a deserves the best defense, and these screen protectors deliver

The Pixel 7a is Google's most recent budget smartphone. While it isn't the cheapest of phones, it certainly offers enough value for its cost; finding a similarly-priced device just as good would be nearly impossible. When it comes to performance, this phone rivals high-end alternatives, including the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, while being only a fraction as expensive. That's why it's unquestionably one of the best budget Android phones.

Nevertheless, the secret to this impressive feat lies in its humbler and less costly build. And although it exudes a premium feel when held in hand, a closer examination reveals its vulnerability to life's knocks. Fortunately, with the proper armor of a stellar Pixel 7a case and one of the finest screen protectors in our collection, you can shield your budget champion against the smacks and thumps of everyday use.

UniqueMe's Pixel 7a screen protector is a 9H-hard tempered glass protector that provides full premium coverage of your display. It's scratch-resistant, glossy, and withstands all falls and impacts. Moreover, it doesn't obscure the color or sensitivity of your screen, and its easy installation process and case-friendly design make it a hassle-free solution. It also comes as a pack of two screen shields alongside two excellent camera lens protectors for extra device protection.

This glass shield from ZAGG is hands down one of the best screen protectors for the Pixel 7a. While it's much costlier than some alternatives, it precisely delivers what you pay for. It's 5x stronger than traditional glass protectors and is typically impervious to cracks and scratches. Its antimicrobial treatment also keeps it flawless and free of odor-causing bacteria. And unlike most glass screen protectors, it's perfectly compatible with the under-display fingerprint sensor of the Pixel 7a.

In search of a cheap, effective screen protector for your Pixel 7a? JETech's screen shield has got you covered. It's scratch-resistant, shatterproof tempered glass with a hardness rating of 9H. And because it is 99% clear, it will not mess with the quality of your display. It also doesn't reduce screen sensitivity and is compatible with most cases. The package comes with two screen guards, two high-quality camera lens protectors, and an installation tool for a convenient application.

The Mr.Shield Pixel 7a screen protector is made from high-quality Japanese PET film while being crystal-clear and not affecting the sensitivity of your screen. In addition, its 4H hardness makes it anti-scratch and scuff-resistant, providing excellent protection for your display. Each package comes with three exemplary screen protectors, so you have spares on hand.

This screen protector from Caseology is a 9H-hard tempered glass that is highly resistant to scratches and cracks. It doesn't reduce screen sensitivity too much, and it's compatible with most cases. It also comes with a Snap Fit installation tray, a microfiber cloth, dust remover stickers, and a squeegee to foster an incredibly easy, bubble-free application. However, this screen guard lacks a selfie camera cutout, which may affect the quality of your selfies.

SaharaCase's Pixel 7a screen protector is made from scratch-resistant tempered glass, with an oleophobic layer that keeps its surface clean and clear by inhibiting the formation of streaks and sweat marks. Although slightly expensive, this screen shield compensates by coming in a box of two, giving you a spare protector in case one gets ruined during the application or in the line of duty. It also comes with micro-dust removal tape and alignment stickers for a seamless bubble-free application.

This three-pack military-grade protector provides full coverage of your Pixel 7a's display. It's 9H-hard and features a nano-elastic impact and explosion-proof design, making it the perfect tool to safeguard your screen against drops and scratches. With a transparency of 99.99%, it gives you the liberty to enjoy the original color and quality of your display. Lastly, it's easy to install, works well with most cases, and comes with three camera lens protectors of similar quality.

The AACL screen protector is a 9H-hard tempered glass, which provides impeccable protection against scratches and bumps. It neither reduces screen sensitivity nor obscures display quality. And when installed, it leaves enough room around the borders of your screen for a case of any kind to wrap around snugly. It comes in a pack of three protectors with an alignment frame, wet wipes, dry wipes, dust removers, and an installation guide for a stress-free application.

Supershieldz is known for making first-rate, affordable screen protectors, and this Pixel 7a variant is no exception. It's scratch-resistant, shatterproof tempered glass with a hardness rating of 9H. It's 99.99% clear and has 2.5D rounded edges for comfortable swiping around the edges of your screen. In addition, it features a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to reduce sweat marks and fingerprints. And it comes in three pieces, so you can have two spare protectors for your pristine display.

Mr. Shield's Pixel 7a screen protector is made from 9H-hard Japan Hardness Glass. It offers excellent scratch resistance and a smooth, highly touch-responsive surface. Its superb oleophobic coating ensures maximum resistance against fingerprints and sweat marks. It's 99.99% clear and features high-grade silicone adhesives for easy installation and removal. It's also compatible with your phone's on-display fingerprint. However, you'd have to reset your fingerprint identification after installation. And for best results, do it with your phone lying flat.

The ArmorSuit Military Shield screen protector is laser cut for a perfect Pixel 7a fit. This thin and clear screen protector is yellow-resistant and utilizes self-repairing technology to absorb minor scrapes and scratches. ArmorShield does use the liquid installation method, so be prepared for the installation. If you aren't a fan of tempered glass, you can't do much better than ArmorSuit.

At just 0.3mm, this tempered glass screen protector from Omoton gives your Pixel 7a the ultimate display protection without interfering with the in-display fingerprint sensor. Its 9H hardness rating means it can withstand minor scuffs and scratches. Not only do you get three screen protectors in the box, but Omoton packs in three camera lens protectors to keep the camera bar looking pristine.

If you hate fussing with screen protector installations, choose this EGV tempered glass screen protector to help simplify the process. With the included alignment frame, all you have to do is drop the glass in and watch it adhere to the display for a bubble-free install. In addition to keeping your display looking great, EGV includes camera lens protectors for your camera bar.

The FlexiShield from Case-Mate is a durable and thin polymer-reinforced film for the Pixel 7a. It offers shatter protection, increased touch sensitivity, and scratch resistance. Case-Mate ships an installation kit, making it an easy, bubble-free install. Plus, this thin shield is case-compatible and will not interfere with your fingerprint sensor. You get what you pay for, and Case-Mate is giving heavy-duty protection.

Supershieldz is bringing its reputation and excellent screen protectors to the Pixel 7a. This tempered glass screen protector has a 9H hardness rating, high clarity to see your screen like it's meant to be, and it's case friendly. The 2.5D class brings a smooth and comfortable feel to your fingers and hands. The oleophobic coating will keep this screen protector free from smudges and oils.

The high-performance Google Pixel 7a has a 6.1-inch OLED display, which, to keep costs down, is fortified with the not-so-strong, cut-rate Gorilla Glass 3 from 2013. Consequently, reinforcing its screen with a screen protector becomes even more crucial compared to other phones. So, from the options available, which screen protector proves most adept and suitable for this delicate task?

After careful analysis and scrutiny, we confidently recommend the 9H-hard UniqueMe tempered glass shield. It's highly resistant to scratches and cracks, does not alter display quality and sensitivity, and comes with camera lens protectors and installation tools for easy application — all at an affordable price. Similarly, other screen protectors of comparable quality include the Caseology screen protector, the SaharaCase ZeroDamage Screen shield, and the budget-friendly yet high-grade JETech screen guard.

Nonetheless, if you don't feel totally assured of your 7a screen's safety with a regular tempered glass film, consider going for the ZAGG InvisibleShield protector. Although much pricier than standard tempered glass shields, it provides 5x the resistance to damage. Not just that; it's also one of the few glass screen protectors that'll work seamlessly with your under-display fingerprint scanner. Generally, while you'll have to spend a lot to acquire this protector, you'll certainly be getting the benefits of what you pay for. Therefore, if you possess the means, there's no better screen protector for the Pixel 7a than this one from ZAGG.

On the other hand, if you prefer a sleek and thin film over a bulky glass protector, the Best non-glass Mr. Shield screen protector is an excellent choice. It's a 4H-hard PET film, which comes in a pack of three pieces, for the long-term protection of your display. However, before choosing this protector, bear in mind that it doesn't provide substantial protection against impacts. So, you'd have to exercise extra caution not to drop your phone from a height or have its screen smashed to smithereens.

The Google Pixel 7a is a budget smartphone with top-tier performance that goes head-to-head with flagship devices. It's the ultimate choice for those torn between an aging flagship and a shiny new budget phone. But here's the catch: its affordable nature comes with a sacrifice. And that's evident in its less robust and not-so-resilient build. So, if you want to savor your Pixel 7a's high-performance goodness for the long haul, investing in a trusty screen protector and protective case to keep it unscathed cannot be over-emphasized.

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