Description SQ-720004 Nano-hardening liquid for glass hardware, high hardness (6-9H), good wear resistance, good chemica


Basic Info.
Model NO. SQ-720004
Molecular Principal Chain Nano Hardening Solution
Color Transparent Liquid
Coating Hardness (1kg Load) 6h-9h
Viscosity (Rock -2 Cup) 7.5-8.5
Transport Package Barrel
Specification 1KG
Trademark Lencolo
Origin China Guangdong
Production Capacity 50000kg
Product Description

SQ-720004 Nano-hardening liquid for glass hardware, high hardness (6-9H), good wear resistance, good chemical resistance, high transparency, and steel wool resistance 100-500 times. The product can also be used for hardening the surface of PC, PET, PMMA, PC/PMMA composite sheet and other sheet and film material, and coating by spraying, drenching, roller coating, etc. The formed coating has good optical properties, no rainbow pattern, high cross-linking density, low curing shrinkage, high hardness, good wear resistance and anti-graffiti properties.
Chemical & physical data
AppearanceTransparent liquid
Viscosity (rock -2 cup)7.5-8.5
Density (g/cm3,25ºC)0.90±0.05
Coating hardness (1kg load)6H-9H
Coating thickness( μ m)5-15
Boiling performance (100 ºC / 60min)Adhesion 5b
Bending (cylindrical shaft diameter)35nm
Curing energy (Curing machine, MJ / cm2)500-1500
QUV resistance2000h
Wear resistance (1kg load, wear resistance)
Machine, 1 * 1 grinding head, 0000# steel velvet)
100times,no wear scars
Water contact angle 105-110 °
Graffiti proof (Zebra oil pen) oil repellent, easy to wipe off
Note: the above performance parameters can be customized according to customer requirements

1. It is mainly used in the hardening treatment of various stainless steel surfaces, glass surfaces, various optical coatings, water electroplating coatings, aluminum, magnesium, copper, zinc, aluminum alloy oxide parts, etc.;
2. It can also be used for the maintenance and maintenance of wood, bamboo products, ceramics, marble, cement, ceramic tiles, epoxy floor paint, various ancient buildings and ancient furniture surfaces. It has the functions of oil-proof pen graffiti and easy cleaning;
3. The product has the characteristics of oil-proof pen graffiti, easy to clean, smooth and smooth hand feeling, and good wear resistance and scratch resistance.
4. It has good effects of high and low temperature resistance, high humidity, chemical solvent resistance, moisture resistance and ultraviolet resistance, and the performance of the product remains stable in harsh environments;
5. It has good anti-staining resistance to soy sauce, white vinegar, edible oil, black tea, coffee, wine, salt and other edible products, and the surface of the coating is not easy to leave stains or color difference.
Surface treatment of various stainless steel surfaces, glass surfaces, optical coatings, and water electroplating coatings; surface care and maintenance of various ancient buildings and furniture, providing oil-proof pen graffiti and easy-to-clean functions.
Construction technology
1. The commonly used coating methods are spray coating, spray coating, dip coating and wiping coating, please avoid exposure to sunlight;
2. The product does not need any pretreatment (including dilution), it is recommended to shake before coating so that the product is evenly dispersed;
3. When coating, choose the appropriate coating method according to the actual situation;
4. Drying conditions: 180ºC*60min can also be adjusted according to the condition of the wire. For large workpieces or products that are not convenient for grilling, it can also be dried at room temperature, and the drying is relatively slow. The performance can be fully recovered after 7 days;
5. After curing, the performance of the board can be directly measured after cooling to room temperature.
This product contains flammable components. Pay attention to fire prevention during transportation, storage and use.
Storage, shelf time and Packing
This product will be functional for 6 months as long as storing under normal temperature and keeping away from heat and light.
Packing: 1kg / 5kg / 25kg / barrel.
Tips: SQ-720004 Glass and hardware nano hardenig liquid, it has high hardness (6-9H), good wear resistance, good chemical resistance, easy to clean.
The information contained in this TDS is intended as advice only and whilst the information is provided in utmost good faith and has been based on our best information currently available, is to be relied upon at the user's own risk. No representations or warranties are made with regards to its completeness or accuracy and no liability will be accepted by San Qi Chemical for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance on the information.

Sq-720004 Glass Hardware Nano Hardening Solution, UV Hardening Liquid for Glass and Hardware

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