Nov 02, 2023

Woodpecker Decides to Go Crazy and Pecks Out the Border of a Window

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This determined woodpecker is making a huge racket outside this building. It’s no wonder that one of the residents has come out to film it. In this extraordinary clip, we get a clear view of the bird using its strong beak to peck away at the window surround. It sounds like a door is being continually knocked and must have been impossible to ignore!

There is no single species of woodpecker. Instead, there are at least 200 different species that can be divided into 36 genera. They are all in the Picidae family and have characteristic feet! Their foot shape is described as zygodactyl which has the first and fourth toes facing backwards but the second and third toes facing forwards. This gives them the ability to grip firmly to tree trunks as they are pecking for grubs.

They are an omnivorous bird that leads a solitary lifestyle and has a wingspan of a maximum of 30 inches. They weigh a maximum of 21 ounces and their feather coloration varies between the different species.

Woodpeckers live in almost every part of the world except for the extreme polar regions. They frequent forest habitats. These birds drill into trees using their powerful bills which are shaped like a chisel.


Whilst the main reason that woodpeckers peck is to obtain food, there are also some other important reasons. It is unlikely that this particular woodpecker is trying to find grubs in such a hard window frame. Nevertheless, wooden frames that have become rotten can harbor insects that make a tasty snack for woodpeckers.

It is more likely that this woodpecker is deliberately making a noise called drumming. They do this to either keep other birds away or to attract a mate. This sort of behavior is seen most often during the breeding seasons when the birds are looking for a breeding partner or are establishing their territories.

The residents of this building are probably finding the reverberating noise quite annoying. Amazingly, this is exactly what the woodpecker wants! Hard metal causes the pecking to reverberate and makes the sound carry further. Aluminum is particularly good at amplifying the woodpecker ‘peck’.

Finally, woodpeckers have been seen pecking at windows because they have seen their reflection. They think that this is an intruder who is trying to muscle in on their territory!

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