Oct 24, 2023

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protectors in 2023

The S23's beautiful AMOLED screen deserves the best protection

One of the few relatively compact flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S23 sports class-leading performance and Samsung's famously user-friendly Android implementation. It's also just a touch slippery, so while its Gorilla Glass Victus 2 screen holds up better than ever against breakage, it's still a little susceptible to damage in the event of drops or heavy impacts.

A quality screen protector cuts down on that vulnerability greatly, and there are tons of great options to choose from, with varying degrees of protection and installation ease. Alongside one of our favorite Galaxy S23 cases, one of these screen protectors will keep your investment safe for your years.

From one of the most reputable manufacturers, the Spigen Glas.tR EZ Fit promises perfect clarity at a good price. A straightforward installation frame automatically aligns the glass with the screen, making sure you get it right the first time. And since it comes in a pack of two, this means you'll have another one to use down the road in case you drop your S23 and the screen protector takes the brunt of the damage.

As high-end as a screen protector gets, the Whitestone Dome Glass uses "liquid dispersion" technology to ensure a high-hardness, bubble-free layer of protection for the S23's display. It's not the easiest to install, but the in-depth instructions and thorough applicator frame take away some of the difficulty. If you've ever had fingerprint reader issues with other brands, this is the one to get.

Even though the amFilm OneTouch doesn't cost much, it's still one of the best ways to keep your S23's display in one piece. In addition to the 9H-hardness front glass, it comes with a pair of camera protectors that most others don't offer. At right around $10, there's no better deal out there.

Instead of glass, the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield consists of a slightly softer material that won't yellow or crack, and actively repairs itself in case it gets scratched. It's highly reliable and a great value, due in part to its lifetime replacement warranty, although the "wet" installation process takes a little more care and attention to detail than most.

Another great alternative to glass, the Zagg InvisibleShield Fusion Defense is just flexible enough to prevent damage to the screen, but hard enough to keep from cracking itself. It's also equipped with an antimicrobial treatment that minimizes degrading and odor-causing microorganisms. Even though it's not glass, it feels just like it, and works swimmingly with the fingerprint reader when properly installed.

JETech's tempered glass screen protector is about as affordable as they get, expecially when you consider the pair of camera protectors it comes with. There's an oil-and water-resistant coating that keeps fingerprints and water spots to a minimum and the screen protector won't get in the way of any cases, but pay close attention during installation or you might not get the best fingerprint reader performance.

There's nothing wrong with the standard Magglass scren protector, but the other two models are worth looking into for specialty applications. The matte version does a great job of cutting down on glare without affecting image quality, thanks partly to the S23's impressive peak brightness. Then there's the privacy model, which keeps prying eyes from snooping on your smartphone activity.

At just a quarter-millimeter thick, you won't even notice the tempered glass Ailun screen protector is there, and it won't interfere with the fingerprint reader. It's also one of the best values around, as it costs just $10 but includes three screen protectors, three camera covers, and a fingerprint-minimizing oleophobic coating.

We're big fans of Supershieldz screen protectors because of their consistent construction, ease of installation, and crystal clear materials. This one fits the S23 perfectly, right down to a precise fit on the slightly curved edges. Since it comes in a three-pack, you have a couple chances to get the installation just right, but make sure to reinput your fingerprints once it's on.

Including an easy-to-use alignment tray and three pieces each of screen and camera glass, this kit from Inskin keeps your display safe without costing much. It's also one of the few designed to minimize glare thanks to its matte finish, but take note that finish means the fingerprint reader won't work anymore.

A little different from most, the camera protectors in the iVoler tempered glass three-pack don't have a frame, but instead affix directly to the lenses with no overhang. Because it's a hair thicker than most, it offers a little more shock protection, but still works great with most cases (partly because of the frameless camera glass design).

The strengthened glass of the UniqueMe screen protectors does an especially good job of keeping the display's edge from harm, without getting in the way of even the sleekest cases. There's also a pair of camera covers, and everything's coated with an oleophobic layer to keep smudges to a minimum. Its slim construction also gives it great compatibility with the in-display fingerprint reader.

As an official partner of Samsung, you can be certain Caseology's Snap Fit screen protectors offer a precise fit and quality construction. This two-pack includes one of the easiest installation frames you'll find, although it doesn't come with any camera protectors. It does, however, come with a microfiber cloth and squeegee to keep dust and air bubbles out.

Built from military-grade TPU, the Skinomi screen protector delivers a nearly identical feel to glass, but features self-healing technology in case of scratches. It does an OK job of preventing cracks, and although it's not as solid as tempered glass, it's every bit as clear. There's also a lifetime warranty, so if it ever does fail you can get it replaced.

The premium construction and materials of the Ringke Glass make it one of the most pleasant for everyday use, due partly to its razor-thin edges that help it blend perfectly with the S23's slightly rounded edges. It's a few dollars more than others, but still comes in a two-pack in case you need a second shot at installation or it gives its life to protect the screen from cracking.

The Galaxy S23's impressively engineered Gorilla Glass Victus 2 display is more resistant to scratches, nicks, and cracks than ever before, but it's not bulletproof yet, so you should absolutely use a screen protector.

A lot of them, like our best overall pick from Spigen, are made from rugged tempered glass that's perfectly clear and ultra-smooth. Most of these work well with the fingerprint reader, with the Whitestone Dome Glass generally coming out top. It boasts the most reliable adhesive, longest lifespan, and best durability, but the tradeoff is that it's harder to install than others - and costs much more.

Another option is a film protector, which is typically made from TPU. The amFilm OneTouch is one of the cheapest, and it's also one of the best, with the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield right there with it, and bolstered by self-healing tech and a lifetime warranty.

There are a few other interesting options worth mentioning, in particular the trio from MagGlass. It makes the best matte version for reducing glare, as well as one of the rare privacy-focused screen protectors. Keep in mind, though, that the privacy effect only works from side to side in portrait orientation, and significantly reduces visibility from an angle (that is, after all, the point).

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