Jun 20, 2023

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max screen protectors in 2023

Prevention is always better than the cure

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is undoubtedly the best iPhone yet. It packs Apple's latest SoC and mobile technologies, enabling it to support software updates and powerful new features for years to come. Though, for it to last you long, you must take good care of its hardware. And that's exactly why you should invest in one of the excellent iPhone 14 Pro Max screen protectors we've listed below.

Designed with the iPhone 14 Pro Max's Dynamic Island in mind, Spigen's tempered glass offers excellent protection without sacrificing clarity or brightness. The auto-alignment installation kit ensures seamless, bubble-free application, too.

Built with the same dual-ion exchange technology as the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s Ceramix Shield, this tempered glass protector offers superior protection against drops, falls, and scratches. It has an edge-to-edge design and doesn't compromise the front camera or Face ID functionality in any way.

This is a PET-based screen protector with precise cutouts for the front camera and Face ID notch. Although not as durable as tempered glass, this screen guard will keep your display safe from fingerprints, scrapes, and scratches while also offering maximum transparency and touch sensitivity.

This reasonably priced screen protector from amFlim is made from tempered glass and offers great protection against drops and scratches. It's only 0.33 mm thick and is easy to apply with the included auto-alignment installation kit.

This pack offers three tempered glass screen protectors. The glass is 10-foot drop certified, and you also get two camera lens protectors inside the box. It's ideal for those who typically mess up the first installation attempt. You could also share the extra units with friends and family if you don't need them.

This is another PET-based film protector that will protect your iPhone 14 Pro Max from scratches, scrapes, and smudges without compromising the visual quality or touch response. It's compatible with Dynamic Island and has a wide speaker cutout at the top. The pack includes four PET-based screen protectors.

In a world of peeping Toms, privacy screen protectors could save you from prying eyes. Not only will this tempered glass shield your display from scratches, but it will also block those around you from seeing the content on your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This tempered glass from ZAGG claims to provide five times better shatter protection than traditional glass screen protectors. It has reinforced corners and filters out 40% of intense blue light without reducing color accuracy.

These are the best iPhone 14 Pro Max screen protectors on the market right now. Adding a screen protector (and a case) will go a long way in keeping your expensive investment clean and damage-free for years to come. For maximum protection, we recommend picking up tempered glass over other types of screen protectors. It's a bit more expensive than PET-based protective films and TPU protectors, but you'll get far better drop protection. The one from Spigen is something we have used personally and can recommend wholeheartedly for its ease of application and overall utility in keeping your iPhone's display pristine.

Otherwise, you have plenty of other great picks, including ones with lens protectors, privacy layers, and flexible materials. Ultimately, using any of the options listed above is infinitely better than using your iPhone 14 Pro Max without a screen protector. And don't forget to add a protective case and pick up one of these great chargers, since Apple isn't including one in the box while you're at it.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is Apple's biggest and best smartphone yet. In typical Apple fashion, it is both a powerhouse and an endurance beast, offering the A16 Bionic chip, a 6.7-inch display, and the Dynamic Island.

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