Aug 31, 2023

Best Accessories for MacBook Air 15 [Buying Guide 2023]

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Have you recently bought a new MacBook Air 15? Our hearty congratulations! After you’ve set it up, be sure to accessorize it so it’s truly yours. The 15-inch MacBook Air is an impressive machine that you should make even more personal and unique.

As with any other MacBook, there are plenty of accessories available for the 15-inch MacBook Air. Granted, the selection pales in comparison to other Apple laptops since it’s a new Mac, but the catalog of accessories for MacBook Air 15-inch is already more extensive than most shopping lists. Read on to outfit your Mac like a pro.

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We know it’s not an exciting accessory to start the list with, but Apple Care+ is something you should definitely consider. Essentially, it’s a 2-year extended warranty package that goes beyond your existing warranty. If something bad happens to your Mac, your investment in Apple Care+ will certainly pay for itself many times over.

It may seem a bit pricey at first glance, but it’s almost an unspoken purchase that comes with every new Apple product, not just MacBooks. Hurry up because, after 60 days from purchase, you’re no longer eligible for Apple Care+ on your 15-inch MacBook Air.

Ending up with a broken Mac would be no less than a nightmare. To prevent a devastating accident from happening in front of your eyes, we recommend you buy a hard case for your 15-inch MacBook Air.

Note that established manufacturers like Spigen and Incase haven’t launched their hardshell cases for the 15-inch MacBook Air yet, so the selection is limited at the moment.

If you buy the MacBook Air 15 from the official Apple online store, you’ll get two power adapter options: the 70W USB-C power adapter or the 35W dual-port USB-C compact power adapter. The former gives up multi-device charging and compactness, while the latter gives up fast charging.

Compact fast chargers with multiple ports solve all the above problems, making them a valuable addition to your MacBook accessories list. Moreover, powerbanks with fast charging capabilities can also prove to be a savior in case of a power outage or when you’re on the go.

Also, check out our guide for the best GaN Chargers you can buy.

A laptop sleeve is an essential accessory, regardless of your laptop. Sleeves make it easier to transport your laptop while protecting it from dust and dirt. In addition, sleeves provide protection against water from the outside and can even protect your laptop from drop damage.

While fabric sleeves shine with elegance and refined design, hardshell laptop sleeves focus more on protecting your MacBook from external elements.

Taking ergonomics into consideration, a laptop stand is of utmost importance when setting up a desk. Laptop stands enhance the viewing experience literally and figuratively. Also, over time, your posture improves, and the overall usability of a laptop is positively affected.

A metal stand is much more durable and should be preferred over cheap plastic ones. Stands come in various forms and functions; below are some of the most popular.

A phone holder is an essential accessory if you’re constantly juggling between video calls and conferences. It makes the experience much more seamless and allows you to use your phone’s higher-quality front or rear camera as a camera input rather than your MacBook’s webcam.

While there are a wide variety of mounts out there, the ones that you can attach to your MacBook are much more convenient, especially because you can use your phone’s camera without having to keep adjusting the angle.

Screen protectors are self-explanatory, and no one is a stranger to their importance. Screen protectors for laptops may seem a little expensive compared to phones, but they are worth spending on despite everything.

Depending on your use case and the amount of backlight interfering with your workspace, you can choose from glossy and anti-glare types. Glass screen protectors, which are even more durable, are also available for the 15-inch MacBook Air.

While most other manufacturers include a free laptop bag with the purchase of a laptop, Apple, as it should, offers nothing of the sort. Carrying a laptop is extremely inefficient, and this is where a laptop bag saves the day.

A laptop bag is where you can stash your laptop and anything else that fits inside. You shouldn’t be without this inexpensive, practical, and protective accessory, even for an expensive laptop like the 15-inch MacBook Air.

It’s 2023, and Apple still ships the MacBook Airs with 256 GB of base storage. Upgrading to the 512 GB variant isn’t feasible for everyone because it costs a whopping 300 US dollars. Storage solutions like pen drives and portable SSDs are a good option here.

External storage devices may not be as fast as the built-in SSD, but you can always use them to store large files, such as movies, photo albums, etc. External storage devices, especially portable SSDs, are so fast that you won’t miss your Mac’s built-in SSD.

MacBooks are notorious for not having ports you can plug accessories into. USB hubs expand your MacBook’s existing ports and give you access to useful but missing ports like the USB-A port and Ethernet.

USB hubs come with a variety of ports, and you can choose the one that’s right for you, depending on your needs. The most common port options are Type-A, HDMI, SD card slots, and additional Type-C ports.

Many people don’t like typing on the built-in keyboard of their MacBook and prefer an external keyboard. External keyboards have additional advantages, such as the ability to type anywhere, better key travel, and sometimes additional keys, such as a numeric keypad and a second Enter key.

External keyboards come as wired and wireless, and there are also different subtypes, such as mechanical and membrane keyboards. Wireless keyboards are more useful because they don’t reduce the comfort of an external keyboard.

Check out 9 Best Bluetooth Keyboards to Buy for more options. If you are more into mechanical keyboards, read The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Mechanical Keyboard.

There are no pluses if you guess the most common accessory for a MacBook: a mouse. Wireless mice dominate this category mainly because of their convenience and price-performance ratio.

Most wireless mice come with a Bluetooth receiver dongle, so you don’t have to worry about latency or disconnects. A good wireless mouse is a must-have accessory, no matter what.

Check out Best Wireless Mice to Buy to explore more choices. If you are more into gaming mice, check out Best Gaming Mouse: Top Wireless, Wired, and RGB Mice.

Magic Trackpad is essentially a standalone trackpad for Macs mainly targeted at specialists. Magic Trackpad is highly recommended if you like using your MacBook’s trackpad over an external mouse.

With millions of Macs around the world, wouldn’t you want your Mac to stand out from the crowd? No problem, because with laptop skins, you’re all set. These simple inventions can drastically change the look and feel of your Mac with little effort.

The usefulness of an external monitor is unmatched for those who have a custom setup. Your 15-inch MacBook Air combined with an external monitor is enough to compete with high-end setups from PC, at least functionally.

Monitors know no limits, so you can even buy monitors several times the value of your Mac if you want to, but below are the best monitors.

MacBooks have always been popular with accessory makers, and the 15-inch MacBook Air is no different. We’ve rounded up all the accessories you need for your MacBook, and we’ve written up the best and highest-rated products in their categories. We hope you found our buying guide helpful. Let us know in the comments below if you think we missed something important.

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