Jun 01, 2023

Top 360 Protection Cases for 6.1

Looking for all-in-one protection for your iPhone 14 Pro? Don’t worry, we have the best 360-degree protective cases that include a screen protector.

When it comes to protecting your iPhone, there are a couple of decisions you will immediately make. Firstly, you will invest in a case to keep the body of the smartphone safe and sound against drops and scratches. Secondly, you’ll invest in a screen protector.

Some users might even go a mile further by investing in a carrying pouch. Some may even wrap their phone inside a microfiber cloth; an odd choice but understandable. But, at the end of the day, almost 98% of your iPhone protection is complete when you buy a case and a screen protector.

Usually, you’ll buy both of these things separately. After all, there are a ton of great choices out there, hence mixing and matching accessories to achieve the perfect level of protection is the way to go. However, if you are absolutely lazy or just don’t want to dive into the world of accessories, then you will be pleased to learn that 360 protective cases exist. These cases include a screen protector in one convenient package along with the case itself, saving you a ton of time deciding what you should ultimately buy.

In today’s list, we will highlight some of the best 360 protective cases available for the flagship iPhone 14 Pro - the one with the 6.1-inch display.

Miracase Glass Series for iPhone 14 Pro

We are going to kick off the list with an option that is liked by many. Not only it offers great protection but it offers excellent value for money as well.

This is the Miracase Glass Series for the iPhone 14 Pro, and this 360 protective case comes in three parts - the case itself, the screen protector, and the camera lens protector.

The case has a transparent back, making sure the world gets to see your iPhone 14 Pro’s finish. Not just that, it has a tri-layer structure that will resist impacts and drops. You also get elevated lips around the case, ensuring nothing from your smartphone’s body touches the world outside.

The included screen protector offers 9H hardness that is very, very hard to scratch or break. It also makes sure that it does not hinder the touch responsiveness of the display, and this is something that is important to a lot of users out there.

Last but not least, there’s a camera protector included in the package as well. Your iPhone 14 Pro camera lenses will never remain exposed to a table when sat down, and you can keep on snapping those photos and recording videos in high quality.

Priced at just $17.99, this is definitely a bargain, but when you realize that this case is available in a ton of finishes, you’ll be left baffled about which one you should get for your iPhone 14 Pro.

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Jonwelsy Anti Peeping Case for iPhone 14 Pro

We all care about privacy, and when this case by Jonwelsy popped up, we knew we had to add it to the list.

This case comes in two parts - the back case and the screen protector. The screen protector is of the privacy variety, meaning the person standing next to you will have no idea what's happening on your iPhone's display. If you're all about privacy and dislike prying eyes, then this 360 protective case is for you.

On the back, you get a case that covers the entirety of the phone. It doesn't even leave the camera lens exposed. There's a massive bump that protects the iPhone 14 Pro camera system; therefore, you can rest assured nothing is going to happen to any of your cameras. Jonwelsy says that camera protection is made possible using HD glass hence it shouldn't affect your photos and videos.

This 360 protective case offers wireless charging capabilities and will work fine with just about any Qi charger at all. There are precise cutouts for the charging port, speaker grill, and earpiece. Furthermore, the screen protector is designed to work flawlessly with Face ID as well.

For a price of $22.99, it offers complete protection and privacy at the same time. Not a bad deal at all.

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i-Blason Ares Designed for iPhone 14 Pro

If you're a sucker for MagSafe and can't live without it at all, then this is the 360 case you need around your iPhone 14 Pro.

Touted as the 'most protective clear case in the industry,' this is one of those accessories that is designed to show off your smartphone of choice and offer an insane amount of protection. The back case is designed to withstand scratches and drops from all angles, all thanks to its corner cushioning.

There are raised bezels all around this case. On the back, you get a slight 0.07-inch raised bezel, ensuring the phone does not touch any surface at all, no matter how you put or drop it. The same goes for the screen protector as well, thanks to its 0.08-inch raised bezel.

The screen protector offers 9H hardness, which you all know is extremely tough to break or scratch. Impact resistance is here along with full coverage of the display, high definition viewing, and is air-bubble free.

The feature you're here for is MagSafe, and this case has a ring of magnets at the back. If you love charging using a MagSafe charger or love attaching accessories such as a leather wallet, then this is the case that you need.

For a price of $29.99, it's a little pricey, but it's absolutely worth it since it offers great protection with MagSafe compatibility.

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Esdot iPhone 14 Pro Case

Sometimes protection is secondary, and style is at the top of the list. If that's the case in the choice you're about to make, then this case from Esdot is going to interest you a lot.

This is a simple two-piece accessory - case at the back, screen protector at the front. The case at the back offers military-grade drop protection thanks to the extra cushioning on all four corners, while the screen protector does what it is supposed to. The screen protector is not taking any chances with Face ID at all; therefore, it has cutouts for the Face ID sensor and camera at the front.

Now the best part - this case is available in so many style options. You'll probably end up being completely confused about what to get. There are tons of designs to choose from, including blooming flowers, cheetah, abstract painting, and more. In other words, if you have a very specific aesthetic you want to achieve, today is your lucky day.

For an interesting price of $17.88, you're actually getting a lot here, especially if style is your utmost priority. But remember, this case offers all the basic protection measures, so rest assured it will keep your iPhone 14 Pro safe and sound.

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JETech Case for iPhone 14 Pro

Do you crave the all-black or all-white look? JETech has an option that is for all you minimalists out there.

Available in three finishes - black, white, and clear, this 360 protective case is as minimal as it gets. It doesn't even try to be fancy either with weird material choices. For instance, the front protector as well as the back case is made from a hard PC. This ensures a very consistent look, something which we like.

The case is made from soft TPU around the sides, which offers great drop protection while being amazing to hold in hand. There are many options out there that make the user feel like they are holding a slab of marble; nothing of that sort here at all. There is a raised lip around the display as well as the back. No matter how your iPhone 14 Pro falls on the ground, everything will be absolutely fine.

There is a cutout for the Face ID and camera sensors, allowing everything to work as flawlessly as possible.

Priced at $15.99, this option is on the cheaper side, too.

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Temdan for iPhone 14 Pro Case

We saved the best for last. This case is meant to be taken on hikes, can withstand a ton of elements, and is easily washable. Sounds like an epic piece of accessory, right?

Instead of using plastic, this case favors 9H glass on the front and back. This gives your smartphone a great view of the world, and you can rest assured it won't yellow over time, something that can't be said about plastic cases.

Temdan conducted its own drop test and said that it will withstand drops from up to 14 feet. With 4,000+ drops from that height, the company said the iPhone 14 Pro suffered zero damage. That's a bold claim, and we love it already.

Once the iPhone 14 Pro is secured inside the case, it becomes completely waterproof, and you can wash this case any way you like to get rid of dirt, mud, or anything else. The marketing material shows this case being used in a variety of situations, giving you an idea of how secure it will keep your iPhone.

For a price of $59.99, this one's not cheap at all. But if you want something extremely high quality, this case has our seal of approval.

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