Oct 03, 2023

The best Google Pixel 7 Pro screen protectors for 2022

The Pixel 7 Pro, Google's latest offering, features the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus for optimal protection. But when you're spending $900 on a new smartphone, it can be a good idea to reinforce the phone's protective build with a solid case and screen protector. A screen protector, in particular, can be vital when avoiding dirt and smudges or even taking a more serious blow instead of your screen glass.

That's why we've rounded up the best Google Pixel 7 Pro screen protectors from the most well-known manufacturers. We've included everything from affordable film-based protectors to more robust options for rugged use, so there's something for everyone here.

Spigen consistently produces some of the best screen protectors and cases, so you get robust protection for any phone you use. The NeoFlex series protectors offer self-healing technology to automatically repair minor scratches while keeping the screen free of fingerprint residue. The installation is fairly easy, too, and Spigen promises a bubble-free application process. If you're a regular Spigen user, there's more good news for you: This screen protector is compatible with all Spigen cases for all-around protection.

This one is expensive, but it's one of the most comprehensive screen protection packs you can find. You get two tempered glass protectors and one camera protector with an install frame and a UV curing light for Whitestone's patented liquid glass dispersion. You enjoy high clarity and excellent touch sensitivity to fully enjoy your phone's display. The tempered glass is also scratch-resistant for added protection against nails, keys, and other sharp objects.

This Ringke film protector offers four layers of full coverage protection with a high-resolution view so you can see and scroll your screen without any interference. The film is also slim, case-friendly, and easy to apply, so even beginners can use it. The pack includes two films, so you always have a replacement handy in case one breaks down, and it comes with a dust-removal layer for clean application.

This screen protector is super expensive but it's known for its excellent shock absorption, so your phone may be protected against quite a few drops. It also works well with fingerprint scanners, so you probably won't have to reset your unlock methods after applying the protector. The anti-microbial layer ensures your phone stays clean, while the smooth, clear finish lets you enjoy a vivid display.

If you're shopping with a smaller budget, this is one of the best value screen protectors we recommend. You get two tempered glass screen protectors for less than $10. Along with protecting your phone against scratches and minor drops, the protectors also resist fingerprints and offer "99.99% HD clarity" for a seamless viewing experience. The company also promises easy, bubble-free installation.

This 9H-rated tempered glass offers decent protection against everyday scratches and drops while maintaining great screen clarity for hassle-free viewing. It's just 0.27mm thick, so it adds no bulk to your phone while being quite case-friendly, and you can pair it with Olixar or any other brand's cases. It's also fairly easy to apply, so anyone can use it.

This is another great value pack, giving you two screen protector films for less than $10. The films maintain screen clarity and resist scratches for you to enjoy a clear, vivid display. It also doesn't yellow over time, so your phone will continue to look fresh for a long time. It also features self-repairing technology to automatically heal small scratches, so you won't have to replace your screen protector too often.

If you like the matte texture, this one's for you. You get solid protection with a satisfying matte finish for under $10, making it a great value pack. It gives you a glare-free screen with a coating to repel dust, grime, and fingerprints. The protector film is slim yet decently strong to withstand minor bumps and scratches. It comes with the IQ Shield Lifetime Warranty for added peace of mind.