Sep 05, 2023

The 4 Types Of Screen Protectors And Which Works Best

If you’re worried about a fatal drop shattering your precious phone, learn about the 4 types of screen protectors and which one works best.

Your phone does so much for you. It provides constant entertainment, holds your most precious photo memories, and allows you to stay in contact with loved ones. When something holds this significant of a place in your life, it’s important that it remains well-protected. Screen protectors are a great way to protect what you hold near and dear, your phone. To help, here are the four types of screen protectors and which one works best.

Liquid screen protectors are designed to be invisible and easy to apply. All you have to do is open the vial of solution and pour it into your phone’s surface. The longer you wait to touch it post application the better, as it undergoes a curing process for 24 hours. Don’t worry if staying away from your phone is a challenge you can't bear to accept, it is safe to touch after ten minutes.

This type of screen protector definitely gets points for ease of application. No dealing with annoying air bubbles or struggling to get the protector on just right. However, reviews have noted that this is not the most protective screen protector, because the layer is thin enough to still allow for scratches to the surface of the screen. You also cannot remove the screen protector at will, as it is designed to wear off over time.

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Anti-glare screen protectors have a matte coating that minimizes the glare of your screen. The matte finish also allows for dust particles to be removed more easily. Anti-glare screen protectors can be purchased in either plastic or tempered glass. While these protectors have great benefits, unfortunately they do have downsides as well. For one, they can reduce display clarity on your phone. They can also impact color accuracy and increase pesky fingerprints on your screen.

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Privacy screen protectors are designed to protect sensitive and private information from being displayed. The only person who can see what’s on the screen is the person directly in front of it, keeping you safe from wandering eyes. They are available in both PET plastic and tempered glass.

These screen protectors are great for keeping unwanted eyes of your device, but they can reduce the sensitivity of your display. Another potential downside is that they only work at an angle. If another person is standing directly behind you, they are still able to see the contents of your phone. Privacy screen protectors also only provide this protection in bright spaces and do not work properly in dark lighting.

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Taking the first place spot is the tempered glass screen protector. Tempered glass screen protectors are widely regarded as the best and most protective kind of screen protector. High-quality tempered glass contains multiple layers, including absorbent silicon, PET film and binding adhesive. These layers allow for shock protection and when your phone is dropped, it is more likely that the screen protector will shatter than the actual phone. These screen protectors are typically no more difficult to apply than any other kind. They allow for your phone’s display to remain crisp and clear, without compromising on safety. Tempered glass screen protectors are anti-reflective, glare reducing, and fingerprint reducing. It’s clear that tempered glass is the way to go!

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