Jul 27, 2023

Dog Left Tied to a Tree Now Safe in Kingston, New York

Skye also loving known as the Phoenicia Dog has finally turned herself into the Ulster County SPCA. She is back on the grid you might say, she finally decided it was time to end her life on the run and let a few humans help her out. 56 days was enough for Skye it was time to trust people again.

Skye the Dog's story could be ripped straight out of a Hollywood script. If a local filmmaker is looking for a storyline that has twists and turns moments of hope and hanging on for a happy ending this could be the dog story you have been looking for not to mention there are still so many unanswered questions you would most likely get a sequel or two.

If somehow you missed the story of Skye The Phoenicia Dog let me give you the equivalent of what could be the movie trailer. Approximately 56 days ago it appears some heartless human tied her to a tree in the woods and left her there, with no food, no water, nothing. Luckily she broke free. This is where the tale begins because what followed was an endless effort by many people to get Skye to stop running.

Skye breed, Belgian Malinois are smart, resourceful, and very athletic. All of these traits led to the Ulster County SPCA and others who were trying to wrangle Skye to have to rethink their plan. It end up that two very patient and determined people were able to eventually get Skye to trust them enough that she eventually was happy to have them take her to the shelter for a much need rest off the road.

The Ulster County SPCA did an amazing job summarizing the last 56 days or so of tracking the dog they names Sky. You can read the full story on the Facebook Page or with the link below. They also want everyone to know that they are not giving up on trying to find out how Skye was left tied to a tree to begin with and remind us all that pet ownership is a real responsibility we can't take lightly.

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