Jul 21, 2023

Discontinued Dolls who appeared on the Barbie Movie

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Discontinued dolls made cameo appearances in the Barbie movie.

Near the movie’s end, during the Surprise villain’s invasion, Barbie sought refuge at Weird Barbie’s house. Well she was brought there by the discontinued ones because she got depressed.

Weird Barbie was once the prettiest in Barbieland until roughly played with by her owner. She symbolizes abused dolls – missing arms, shredded hair, crayon faces. Now she has her own doll because she became a fan favorite.

The film reveals her chaotic dreamhouse filled with these dolls. I discovered Easter eggs, watched five times – maybe my obsession contributed to the movie’s success.

I wish I could share pictures of the movie’s doll versions, but I’m unsure about permission. Watch the movie to see them!


Tanner, Barbie’s pet Labrador retriever, was released in 2006 to teach kids about responsible pet ownership.

Why is he controversial? First, his “pellets” are a choking hazard due to their small size, similar to tic tacs.

Kids feed Tanner brown plastic pellets, intended as dog food. Barbie takes him to the park, where a mechanism makes him simulate excreting the food. Barbie uses a pooper scooper to clean up, which is actually Tanner’s pellets. Yes, you’re feeding the dog his own “poo,” collecting it for the next playtime.

When Gloria and Sasha encountered the Discontinued dolls, they met Video Girl Barbie. Video Girl Barbie sadly became discontinued as no girls aspired to be like her. She has a TV screen on her back. The reason for her real-life cancellation is controversial. She’s a video camera! She captures pictures and records videos up to 30 minutes.

Her “necklace” is actually a camera lens, and a screen is on her back. Controversy arose in 2010, fearing she could be misused for child pornography due to her hidden camera feature, raising concerns about potential spying.

Teen Talk Barbie was released 1992 and she made many parents mad. She became controversial because this talking doll have a controversial statement. “Math Class is though”. There is a shortage of women pursuing STEM and that message may not be good to little girls. she is the inspiration for the Malibu Stacy episode of the Simpsons.

While he may appear innocuous as a well-dressed gentleman walking his dog, nothing about him seems controversial at first glance. However, what led to his banishment is his name – Sugar Daddy Ken. You know, the term used for older men who attract younger women with their wealth. Those older men who marry women young enough to be their daughters.

Adding to the situation, his silver hair only amplifies the stereotype. Interestingly, in the movie, he clarifies that his name, Sugar Daddy Ken, is derived from being the owner of his pet, Sugar. Yes, that’s the dog’s actual name. It’s easy to imagine that this scenario would be a cause of concern for many parents, fearing their daughters might end up with a much older partner.

Earring Magic Ken, the best-selling Ken Doll of all time. But why was he discontinued? An urban story suggests that Mattel asked little girls why they weren’t buying Ken dolls. The response: he didn’t look cool. So, Mattel’s researchers pondered, where do cool people hang out? Dance clubs, they thought. Thus, Earring Magic Ken was born from that research.

Despite his popularity, Mattel realized something unexpected but it caused his demise. He wasn’t primarily being purchased by little girls, but rather by adult gay men. His single earring, a common piercing among gay men back then, and his necklace featuring a cockring contributed to this trend.

Dressed in a purple leather vest and a mesh shirt, resembling styles worn by gay men, he inadvertently attracts a different audience. However, for Mattel, Ken is intended as Barbie’s boyfriend, and they aimed to avoid any perception of him being gay.

Skipper, Barbie’s first young sister, appears in the movie. There exist two Skippers in the film, yet their roles have minimal significance. The initial one stands as a regular Skipper without any lines. However, at Weird Barbie’s residence, Growing up Skipper engages in a game of chess with Sugar Daddy Ken. Gloria illustrates to her daughter the reasons for Growing up Skipper’s discontinuation. By rotating her left arm forward, her height increases, and her chest size expands, aiming to educate girls about puberty.

Midge is suppose to be Barbie’s best friend and Alan’s wife but they never interacted in this movie. She is just there to walk around pregnant but have no purpose in the plot.In the Mattel Canon, She got married to have Alan, they two kids and Barbie is her doctor. Pregnant Midge got controversial back in 2002 because parents see this as encouragement for girls to become teen mothers. Which is wrong because Midge is an adult and she is married to Alan. A non Pregnant Midge with babies already born was released to replace the controversial pregnant doll. In 2010s Midge got rebooted and she became young and single again.

She have strawberry blond hair.She wears a long white dress and holds a white purse. Can anyone please help me identity her?