Jun 07, 2023

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 screen protectors in 2023

Keep your Z Flip 5's high-tech screens free from scratches and cracks

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5's design hinges entirely on the flexible screen inside it (pun intended), so don't give it a chance to get scratched. And while the outer screen is covered in glass, it's also integral to the Flip 5's convenience. There aren't a ton of choices available yet, but there are some great options for protecting your new foldable phone inside and out, especially in conjunction with one of the several great Z Flip 5 cases. Some even include dedicated camera protectors to keep the high-end lens array safe.

While it's worth protecting both of the Z Flip's displays, you can't forget about its fancy camera array. This package includes a soft inner display, tempered glass outer cover, and a durable one-piece glass protector to keep your lenses in one piece. And not only is it one of the most complete sets — it's also not too expensive.

As bright, bold, and beautiful as the Z Flip 5's display is, it's still made from glass (albeit flexible) and, therefore, susceptible to glare. It comes in a pack of two in case your first shot goes wrong. And while it will reduce brightness ever so slightly, the Flip 5's 1,200-nit peak brightness should still shine through pretty well.

Made from high-quality TPU, these soft yet rugged Z Flip 5 screen protectors were among the first to release from a well-known and trusted manufacturer. They're easy to install, leave no residue in case you have to remove them, and provide a smooth, natural feel while minimizing fingerprints.

A little different from the rest, this screen and body protector bundle from ZJRUI doesn't just cover your displays. It also includes covers for the Flip 5's hinge and lower rear panel, keeping the entire device free of scratches. A combination of soft hydrogel material and an oil-resistant outer layer helps keep fingerprints at bay.

The Z Flip 5's large outer display makes it remarkably more convenient than its predecessor, so don't let it get scratched by your keys while it sits comfortably in your pocket. Instead, grab this three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors to ensure your versatile new display stays in pristine shape.

More than just a screen protector, the inner display cover in this bundle sports a privacy filter that fights against people viewing your phone while you're actively using it. There's also a pair of individual camera covers made from tempered glass, in addition to a convenient installation frame.

If you've ever had trouble getting your screen protector installation completely perfect, consider this bundle from Milomdoi. It sports three inner and outer display covers made of TPU and glass, respectively, so you get a couple of extra chances just in case. There's also a set of three glass camera lens protectors and a plastic frame to aid installation.

We've yet to see field-tested releases from some of the biggest names in screen protectors, but there are already several great ones, and you shouldn't waste time keeping your fancy foldable display safe. The current top choice, from WYQLTD, comes with two tempered glass outer panels and two soft ones for the inside. It's also the only one we've yet found with two single-piece, two-lens camera protectors.

If you want to save a little money while also going with a long-time trusted brand, you can't beat the Supershieldz 2-pack. Its only downside is that both covers are made from TPU instead of the outer one being glass. For even more coverage, check out the ZJRUI package, which even comes with covers for the rest of the phone outside the displays. Take note, of course, that it won't support most tight-fitting cases. And if you tend to have problems with glare on your smartphone, the IQ Shield matte version is made to help with exactly that.

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