Jun 05, 2023

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protectors in 2023

Take care of your S23 Ultra's display with one of these great screen protectors

For as long as we can remember, Samsung phones have had beautiful displays, which isn't surprising when you remember that Samsung manufactures the screens for most of its rivals' devices. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is no exception, with a 6.8-inch 1440x3088 display that can refresh itself anywhere from 1-120Hz. It's also cornea searing even in direct sunlight, thanks to a max brightness of 1,750 nits, which it also uses to display HDR10+ content with incredible accuracy.

Samsung is using Gorilla Glass Victus 2 to protect this beautiful display, and while it's stronger than ever before, glass is still glass. Pocket sand will scratch it, and a hard enough drop will shatter it. If you want to keep your S23 Ultra looking pristine, you'll want to use a screen protector. There are plenty to choose from, and the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the S23 series can make compatibility an issue. That's why we've collected the best of the best together here.

Mowei's three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors is affordable despite the quantity and the included installation tray tool. You'll get a clean fit with plenty of protection thanks to 9H hardness, and it's compatible with the phone's fingerprint reader. If you'd like to stick with tempered glass, this option is hard to beat.

Whitestone's Dome Glass tempered glass screen protectors come with an alignment tool that makes the wet installation as easy as possible. Its 9H hardness and edge-to-edge coverage can also help protect against drops, but it's also compatible with a case. This option is pricier, but each pack comes with two clear protectors and an extra installation tool.

Armorsuit's MilitaryShield anti-glare screen protectors are made from high-grade materials to protect and heal your screen. Each protector has five layers, including anti-fingerprint, oleophobic, self-healing, scratch, and adhesive, yet your display remains crystal clear. In addition, each pack comes with two protectors, and you get a lifetime warranty to cover your purchase.

This is the best plastic screen protector we've ever used. It appears to be made of the same material as the non-removable protector you'll find on the Fold 4, which means it feels identical to glass unless you purposefully dig a nail in. The installation ensures perfect alignment, and S Pen glides across the surface as if it were made of glass. Best of all, it doesn't hinder the fingerprint reader — you won't need to reregister your fingers.

Hate people looking over at your phone's screen? This Ringke option is half screen protector and half privacy layer for those often working with sensitive data. It cuts the viewing angle down to about 28 degrees and fully blocks the screen past about 40 degrees. It also protects against scratches and has a coating to prevent smudges and fingerprints.

Skinomi's TPU screen protectors are affordable (especially with two in each pack) but provide a durable TPU layer to soak up scratches and dings that would otherwise hit your phone's display. They're clear, feel great, and are easy to install. Each kit comes with a lifetime warranty for some extra peace of mind.

Spigen's NeoFlex screen protector is built especially for the S23 Ultra's curved screen, complete with a selfie camera cutout. Its wet installation method reduces bubbles for a clean fit. Also, the glossy finish doesn't cause a lot of glare, and the protector is easy to install. It works with cases, and each pack comes with two protectors.

AACL is no stranger to tempered glass protectors. So it's no surprise that the company's Galaxy S23 Ultra offering is no slacker; it will keep the display safe from everyday mishaps without compromising the screen's clarity or touch response. However, like most glass-based protectors, the AACL Screen Protector doesn't play very well with the in-screen fingerprint sensor. Still, it's easy to install, and you get a spare in the pack.

Adding protection to your screen is great, but what about going beyond to protect the phone's camera lenses? This pack from amFilm has two large TPU screen protectors that can heal smaller dings and scratches, and it also includes two sets of lens protectors to stick on around the rear camera array.

The Mohave Screen Protector uses a mix of different materials to account for the display’s curved edges and the under-display fingerprint sensor. Although it’s not as scratch resistant as tempered glass, the protector keeps the display safe from scratches, scuff marks, and dents. Moreover, the installation is seamless, thanks to the bundled tool.

Your S23 Ultra's screen needs protection, but what about the camera lenses on the back? Ivoler's kit includes two TPU screen protectors and a set of lens protectors, giving you extra peace of mind when slipping your phone into a pocket or purse. You get a clean fit, protection on the cheap, plus a two-year warranty.

Featuring two EPU screen guard films and two camera lens protectors, the Geekboy Screen Protector kit is great for keeping the S23's beautiful display and rear cameras scratch free. The whole kit costs less than $10 and includes everything you need for a seamless installation. And with oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings, the Geekboy offering repels fingerprint smudges and water residue.

This pack of TPU screen protectors is super affordable and comes with three protectors that you can keep as backup or share with others. An oleophobic coating reduces smudges, and there are also some self-healing abilities to reduce small scratches. Installation is easy, and they should work with most cases.

If you want an affordable TPU protector that plays well with the S23 Ultra’s under-screen fingerprint sensor, this IQ Shield offering is an excellent option. Thanks to its flexible nature, it has no issues with the curved edges. Plus, the self-healing nature of the TPU material ensures that the protector recovers from any minor blemishes over time. The only issue is that you’ll either have to pay for faster shipping or wait over a week for free delivery.

Every screen protector here will work well with your S23 Ultra, but the ones we recommend most are the offerings from Mowei, Whitestone, ArmorSuit, and Samsung, with the best overall screen protector from Mowei. The protector is similar to Whitestone's at a slightly lower quality level. It's close, though, and the difference is made up by including two spare protectors. The Mowei installation method is also similar.

The Whitestone Dome, our premium pick, might be expensive, but the company has been making it for many years, and it shows. The installation is easier than ever, and the instructional videos are a lifesaver. To add to the value, Whitestone includes a lifetime warranty, so if you damage it, you'll only need to pay for the shipping to get a replacement.

If you're looking for value, the ArmorSuit TPU protector is hard to ignore. You get three protectors for a low price, and after installing, you'll be surprised at the low cost. It has a great oleophobic coating to resist smudges and grease easily. The only thing to watch out for is the S Pen. That pointed tip can easily damage the soft TPU.

If you want to use the S Pen a lot but don't want to deal with a glass screen protector, I can't recommend the Samsung screen protector enough. I don't know for sure, but it feels like it's made of the same material as the built-in screen protector found on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. That means it has an oleophobic coating and feels so close to glass that it could fool most people. The S Pen glides across it with ease, and the fingerprint scanner works perfectly. I didn't even need to reregister my prints after installing it. Speaking of installation, it's a little tricky, but the video explains it well enough. Just make sure you push down hard with the squeegee.

A screen protector is the first step to full phone protection. Be sure to check out our picks for the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases, the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra heavy-duty cases, and the best Galaxy S23 MagSafe cases to keep your phone looking as pristine as possible.

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