Jun 19, 2023

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 screen protectors in 2023

S23's beautiful AMOLED screen deserves the best protection

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is one of the best small phones on the market. It’s compact, portable, and excels abundantly in every aspect of a phone’s performance. And if you’ve followed Samsung’s track record, you know that their Galaxy S-series phones always remain top contenders in the smartphone realm for years on end.

It’s no surprise, then, that the stunning S23, which is still a newcomer, promises many glorious years ahead. So, as an owner, you won’t need a smartphone change any time soon; unless you’re a deep-rooted tech lover like some of us. That’s why it’s sensible to invest in protective accessories like a screen protector — and a Galaxy S23 case — to preserve your phone’s flawless and unblemished state through the coming years.

Spigen's Glas.tR EZ Fit is a solid-tempered glass protector for the Galaxy S23, and its auto-alignment kit makes the installation a breeze. It's excellent at keeping the beautiful S23 screen free from scratches and other blemishes. There's also an oleophobic coating on the Glas.tR EZ Fit to keep the fingerprint smudges away. The only issue is its compatibility with the fingerprint sensor, as glass-based protectors don't typically play nice with in-display fingerprint readers.

Whitestone's Dome Glass protectors have garnered a significant following despite their relatively premium price tags. The company's liquid dispersion and UV curing technologies essentially bind the screen protector with your phone's display and offer an excellent seal — and significant performance with the in-display fingerprint sensor. The protector is scratch-resistant and will guard your phone's screen against scrapes, dents, and drops. However, you may want to check out the company's installation video tutorial for help installing.

The amFilm OneTouch is one of the easiest-to-install screen protectors for the S23 due to its innovative auto-alignment tray. Just put the tray over your phone's screen, swipe down the middle, and you are done. In addition, being a tempered glass panel, the screen protector is excellent at scratch resistance and guarding against other blemishes. The amFilm offering includes two screen protectors and two camera lens guards.

ArmorSuit has a solid track record regarding TPU-based flexible screen protectors; it's hard to go wrong with its MilitaryShield film for the S23. It fits the screen perfectly and features self-healing properties to recover from minor abrasions. Remember, this particular ArmorSuit MilitaryShield delivers maximum coverage of the Galaxy S23 front, so it may not play well with every case and cover. Moreover, the screen protector uses wet installation, which might be tricky for anyone doing it for the first time.

Zagg is known for its high-quality screen protectors, and the InvisibleShield Fusion Defense is no exception. It uses a hybrid polymer that offers a feeling of glass but isn’t glass. As a result, the screen protector doesn’t interfere with the phone’s in-display fingerprint sensor. The Fusion Defense is also great at protecting against scratches and can bear and disperse everyday impacts to prevent the screen from shattering. Finally, the included tools make installation smooth.

The JETech Screen Protector is one of the most affordable screen guards for the Galaxy S23, and you get two tempered glass films and camera protectors in each pack. This case-friendly protector is excellent at keeping the beautiful OLED screen safe from scrapes, impacts, and drops. It also features hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to reduce fingerprint smudges and sweat stains. However, while JETech suggests compatibility with the fingerprint sensor, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Magglass Display Guard is another easy-to-install tempered glass protector; you can apply it in seconds with little chance of messing things up. It’s also durable and will protect the screen from any mishaps. In other features, it retains touch sensitivity and has an oleophobic coating to keep the smudges away. But while the fingerprint sensor on the phone seemingly works after installing it, there is a delay in registering the fingerprint compared to a bare screen.

At under $10, this Ailun screen protector is a good option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend big bucks. Its 9H-rated glass prevents sharp objects from leaving a mark without impacting the touch response or clarity. In other highlights, Ailun bundles camera lens protectors to help keep blemishes away from the rear camera setup. Lastly, you get three tempered glass films in each pack, which will come in handy if you face any troubles with installation.

Supershieldz's tempered glass protector for the Galaxy S23 smartphone is high quality and an excellent value for the money. It comes with three thin glass slabs that are great at keeping scratches and other blemishes at bay. The glass also features an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprint smudges; plus, there's no impact on the phone's touch response or clarity. Unfortunately, you may face trouble with the in-display fingerprint sensors. Otherwise, it has no flaws or disadvantages and installs pretty quickly.

Designed to deliver perfect coverage of the Galaxy S23 display, this Inskin tempered glass protector features an anti-glare coating that will help you clearly view the display even in bright lighting. Each pack includes three glass protectors with an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprint smudges, camera lens protectors, and an alignment tool to aid the installation.

iVoler may not be as popular as Spigen or Zagg, but the company offers quality screen guards, which are affordable. So if you want a budget screen protector for the S23, iVoler is worth trying. Its screen protector kit comes with everything you need for a quick and easy installation, including an alignment frame. Plus, the tempered glass will prevent dents, scrapes, and scratches.

The affordable UniqueMe tempered glass protector for the Galaxy S23 provides superior scratch resistance and protection against drops and features a case-friendly design. Plus, the installation process is relatively painless thanks to the inclusion of an alignment tool; if there are issues in the installation, you can use the spare glass protector provided in the pack. You'll also be happy to know the company bundled two glass-based camera lens protectors to keep the rear cameras safe.

Although Caseology is primarily known for its cases, the company also produces decent screen protectors. So if you need a tempered glass option for your phone, the Caseology Snap Fit is easy to apply and worth considering. It covers the entire front of the phone, keeping the display and the front shooter safe from unfortunate accidents without sacrificing clarity or touch response. But like other glass protectors, it won’t likely play well with the fingerprint sensor.

The Skinomi TechSkin can resist scratches, dents, and other blemishes while keeping the S23 display looking pristine. Plus, it does not impact the fingerprint sensor's performance, display clarity, or touch response. You won't even feel like it's present on the screen. It also has self-healing technology, which means it can recover from minor scrapes over time. But, unfortunately, the installation process isn't as smooth as tempered glass options.

Ringke produces several high-quality and affordable smartphone cases and screen protectors. So if you want a tempered glass protector for your new S23, the Ringke Glass is worth considering. It's durable, scratch-resistant, and compatible with most cases. It doesn't come with an easy-to-use alignment frame, but a tool is included to help with the installation. Plus, you get a spare if you mess up the first installation. Being tempered glass, the Ringke protector may not work well with the fingerprint sensor.

The RhinoShield Screen Protector is another high-quality tempered glass for the Galaxy S23. But unlike the case-friendly options, it’s designed to offer maximum screen coverage, with a 9H hardness to protect the beautiful Galaxy S23 display from scratches, dents, and other mishaps. In other features, the protectors have oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings to repel smudges and water residue. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t include an alignment tool to help with the installation.

Featuring the Gorilla Glass Victus 2, the Samsung Galaxy S23 gracefully flaunts a screen fortified with one of the toughest kinds of glass applicable for smartphone displays. That’s why its screen is highly resistant to scratches and cracks. However, note that it’s not totally impervious to damage, so it still needs some extra reinforcement — in this case, a screen protector. Thankfully, due to the popularity of the S23, there’s a wide selection of excellent screen protectors.

However, from the sea of great options, we especially endorse the Spigen Glas.tR EZ Fit. It’s an excellent screen protector that doesn’t fail to reflect its brand’s superb reputation. It provides full edge-to-edge coverage of your screen without obscuring your display’s visuals. And it comes with an auto-alignment kit, which fosters a stress-free application. Nevertheless, another screen shield of top-level quality is the Whitestone Dome Glass. Although pricier than most other alternatives, it comes with its unique advantages. This screen protector doesn’t slack off in terms of protection, practicality, and ease of installation, but the main feature that puts it ahead of the competition is its UV-curing adhesive, which lets it stick properly to your screen and work seamlessly with your on-screen fingerprint scanner. Something that most glass guards struggle with.

Notwithstanding, if you want an effective screen protector that doesn’t cost much, consider going for the 9H-hard amFilm OneTouch protector. It’s a fantastic, affordable option that does a good job of keeping harm away from your display. In addition, it comes in a pack of two protectors alongside two camera lens shields, offering greater value for money. On the other hand, if a sleek non-glass screen protector is what you’d rather have, we suggest going for the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield protectors. It provides substantial protection and works well with the under-display fingerprint sensor of the S23.

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