Aug 22, 2023

Best Google Pixel 7a cases: the 12 best ones you can buy

Google has unveiled the Pixel 7a at its Google I/O 2023 keynote, the next exciting chapter in its midrange smartphone lineup. As with last year's Pixel 6a, Google is continuing its tradition of packing the same performance and many of the powerful features of its flagship Pixel 7 lineup into a much more affordable smartphone.

While the Pixel 7a may be more wallet-friendly than its premium cousins, that doesn't mean you should skimp on protection — especially since one of the corners Google cut to bring the price down is using older Gorilla Glass 3 rather than the stronger Gorilla Glass Victus of its flagship models. Fortunately, case makers have already been hard at work preparing for the arrival of the Google Pixel 7a, so there are some great options available to ensure you have the best protection and style right out of the gate.

Don't let the fun two-tone look of Caseology's Nano Pop fool you; this slim case offers solid military-grade drop protection for your Pixel 7a, rated at up to 26 drops from a height of 4 feet. Although there are certainly more rugged cases available, what Caseology offers should be enough for what most folks will encounter in their daily lives. It's also a particularly comfortable case to keep a hold on, thanks to the silicone finish and textured sides. It offers an ideal blend of style, comfort, and protection.

The Nano Pop has the lifted edges for screen and camera protection typical of most protective cases, but Caseology adds a playful twist with a bold splash of color around the rear camera array in the Blueberry Navy version. There's also a Black Sesame style if you prefer a more subtle look, but sadly, unlike Caseology's Nano Pop cases for other phone models, that's the only other color available for the Pixel 7a case.

Poetic's Revolution is a rugged case for your Pixel 7a that looks the part. It's not only tested to provide military-grade impact resistance against drops and shocks, but it also includes a built-in screen protector in the front frame, plus an extra front frame in the box for those who prefer to use their own tempered glass protector. An integrated kickstand lets you prop your Pixel 7a up in portrait or landscape orientation, and a raised lip protects your phone's cameras from everyday bumps and scrapes.

While the tactical aesthetic may not be for everyone, Poetic has dressed it up with some fun colors you don't typically see on this style of case, including a dusty light pink and electric light blue.

Thanks to its carbon fiber construction and Air Cushion technology, Spigen's Rugged Armor could be the lightest protective case you can find for your Pixel 7a. It's certified to military-grade drop protection standards, with raised edges for the screen and camera, plus an interior spiderweb molding that absorbs impacts. Grippy sides also help prevent your phone from slipping out of your hand, so you may never need to put that drop protection to the test. While it's only available in black, the carbon fiber accents give it a unique, classy, no-nonsense look.

If you want to get the best protection for your Pixel 7a without hiding its gorgeous Coral or Sky finish, then Poetic's Guardian case may be the one for you. It offers the same rugged, military-grade 20-foot drop protection as its more tactical sibling, yet features a transparent back made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate to let your Pixel 7a shine through. You also get two front frames in the box: one with a built-in screen protector and one that's designed to let you use your own.

It's available in four unique color combinations, with the pink version featuring a light grey frame rather than black. The only catch is we're not sure how well these will complement the more colorful Pixel 7a models, although the good news is that basic black goes with anything.

If you want a case that's a perfect match for your Pixel 7a, then it's hard to beat Google's own design. The Google Pixel 7a case is available in the same four colors as the Pixel 7a, including the fun and exclusive Coral, plus an additional one in Seafoam for those who miss the old Pixel 6 "Sorta Seafoam" finish. It won't make up for the lack of the rumored Jade Pixel 7a this year, but it's still a fun alternative. The downside to Google's Pixel 7a case is that it doesn't offer much in the way of protection, although the raised edges should protect you from minor drops. And, of course, it will keep the back glass from getting scratched and smudged.

Rinke's Fusion is a minimalist hybrid polycarbonate and TPU case that's designed to let the color of your Pixel 7a shine through while offering some basic protection. Although it's a far cry from what we'd call a rugged case, it includes raised edges around the screen and camera to keep your phone safe from everyday bumps, scrapes, and possibly even some minor drops. The matte finish feels soft and helps you keep a better grip on your Pixel 7a and protects it against scratches and smudges, while the anti-fingerprint coating keeps the case smudge-free.

That last point is important since the Fusion is designed to let the color of your Pixel 7a shine through uniquely; the slightly frosted translucent back blends the Pixel's finish into the case for a more natural look. A lanyard hole on each side lets you attach a wrist or hand strap or even phone charms if that's your thing.

Osophter's floral cases offer a nice way of dressing up your Pixel 7a, with a transparent back that features five different floral patterns designed to complement whatever Pixel color you choose. The case is minimalist and lightweight, which means you won't get a high level of drop protection, but the TPU and polycarbonate construction will absorb some impacts and bumps while also protecting your phone from scratches. The case is available in Purple Flower, Red Flower, Sun Flower, Big Rose Flower, and White Lace patterns.

FNTCASE offers a rugged tactical design with military-grade drop protection to match, but what's particularly great about this one is that it's available in a wider range of colors than you'll typically find for this style of case, including a dusty pink with a matching bumper. As you might expect from the design, FNTCASE offers 10-foot military-grade drop protection and sports an integrated kickstand that lets you prop your Pixel 7a up for calls or watching videos. It also includes a frame with a built-in screen protector.

The major selling point for the MMHUO Pixel 7a case is the multiuse ring grip that's located on the back of the case. The ring serves as additional grip security -- allowing the Pixel 7a to feel safe and comfortable in hands of all sizes -- and as a kickstand, great for horizontal viewing.

The ring also functions as a magnet allowing the phone to work with magnetic car mounts, making it ideal for long car rides when using Google Maps. The major downside to the MMHUO case is that it doesn't support wireless charging, which is one of the Pixel 7a's most exciting new features. It's certainly not a dealbreaker thanks to the useful utility of the ring grip; however, anyone banking on getting the most out of the Pixel 7a's wireless charging abilities may need to find a different case.

If you're looking for a rugged case that's going to keep the Pixel 7a safe while also sporting a gorgeous design, the Esdot Pixel 7a Case might be for you.

The case offers full body and screen protection and is tested to survive drops of up to 21 feet — all while being offered in 24 unique designs. This case is great for anyone who's let down by the often boring designs of rugged cases. The tradeoff that comes hand-in-hand with protection, however, is that the Esdot case is rather bulky, meaning that it might have a hard time fitting into pockets.

Leather phone cases are always a good look, and luckily, the Banzoc Case for Google Pixel 7a comes in four different colors of leather to match any occasion and style. In addition to looking classy, the Banzoc case supports the Pixel 7a's most exciting new feature: wireless charging.

The major knock against the leather case is that it doesn't offer much in terms of drop protection since its focus is on style over protection. However, it does have a raised lip around the camera bar, meaning that you won't need to worry about scratching the lenses when placing the phone down on rough surfaces.

The TORRAS Clear Case for the Pixel 7a is for fans of the phone's design who want to get the most out of their MagSafe accessories. The clear silicone material provides 10-foot drop protection while also highlighting the Pixel 7a's original, sleek design.

It's an all-around great case, but the only complaint is that it's exclusively offered in its clear color. This means that anyone who isn't in love with the color options of the phone or those who are just looking to spice up the look of the Pixel 7a will need to look elsewhere for a MagSafe-compatible case.