Jul 29, 2023

7 Movies Celebrating Pet Friendships That Will Warm Your Heart: Marley and Me, Bolt, Garfield and More

This Friendship Day, if you are looking to binge-watch films, we have the perfect picks i.e. movies celebrating pet friendships (between them, and with them). The adorable bond shared by humans and animals has been captured for the screen through various beautiful films. It’s not always easy connecting to people, but with pets, there’s a different level of attachment that is irreplaceable. From buddy comedies to emotional family dramas, movies have portrayed beautiful pets as friends bond in various genres.

From sharing joyous occasions to brooding together, pets as friends are the most loyal beings. These relatable emotions have been represented in several movies such as Marley and Me, Bolt, The Secret Life of Pets and more, with an honest tenderness and hence are the best recommendations for Friendship Day 2023 watch party with your pets as well as loved ones.

Marley & Me

If there’s one movie that truly captures beautifully the true meaning of friendship with pets, it’s this one. The Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston starrer follows the story of a newlywed couple John and Jenny Grogan who adopt an adorable puppy and even give he the coolest name, Marley.

While the pup with a disregard for commands turns their life upside down with his antics, over time even as he grows into a big dog, the couple form a strong bond with him, enough to make him feel like an integral part of the family. The film captures the human-canine connection in a beautiful way, especially in the scenes where John shares open conversations with his dog, as though chatting with an old friend. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Stuart Little

This 1999 film is a great choice if you are looking for movies on human animal friendships. The film explores a special bond that is formed between a mouse named Stuart who is adopted by a family. George (Jonathan Lipnicki), the young one in the Little family slowly forms a strong affectionate relationship with Stuart, as they learn to live together. The movie is a family entertainer and teaches valuable lessons on love, acceptance and friendship. The film also explores an interesting dynamic between George’s pet cat, Snowbell, and Stuart who learn to co-exist.


This animated film is a top choice when we think about pet movies simply because of how well it depicts the friendship between the characters of Penny (voiced by Miley Cyrus) and her dog Bolt (voiced by John Travolta). The movie does a fine job of imparting positive messages about loyalty and teamwork as Bolt takes on the task of rescuing his best friend Penny when she gets into trouble. During his journey, there’s a sweet friendship formed between Bolt and Mittens, a feral cat. Their unlikely bonding becomes the heart of the story. It’s equally enjoyable for kids and adults thanks to its well-intended message.

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Garfield: The Movie

There are also some amazing pet friendly movies that you can enjoy watching with your cats and one of the best ones is this. The comedy film will leave you in splits as you hear Bill Murray bring life to the character of Garfield, the overweight, orange cat and his dry humour. The film not only showcases an amazing bond between the cat and his human friend, Jon (Breckin Meyer) but is also seen being friendly to other pets from the neighbourhood.

It also impressively shows how loyal Garfield is as we see him rescue Jon’s other pet, a dog named Odie after he gets abducted. The film celebrates the cat’s bonding with humans as well as fellow pets in a fun way. If you are a cat person, Garfield’s attitude will feel naturally adorable and amusing to you.

The Secret Life of Pets

This film is a true celebration of friendship and one of the best ones in the genre of pet movies. The animated comedy portrays the bonding between two pets who first have a bumpy start but learn how to get along over time. Max (voiced by Louis C.K.) and Duke (voiced by Eric Stonestreet) find themselves becoming friends after they accidentally end up getting lost in an alley full of stray cats. In the struggle to find their way back home, the duo learn some important life lessons endearingly. This film also feels more special because it is told from the pets’ perspective and truly makes you wonder what your pets chat about with their fellow furry friends.

Black Beauty

The 2020 film starring Kate Winslet and Mackenzie Foy is a warm tale and a must-watch on the list of movies on human-animal friendships. It beautifully tells the story of a teenager developing an affectionate relationship towards a horse. In the movie, we see Jo and her mare whom she names Black Beauty (voiced by Winslet) going through different phases of life together and the duo also get separated for a while, only to reunite again. The strong connection between Jo and Beauty stems from the fact that the horse is separated from his family and Jo has lost her parents and hence the duo find solace with each other.

Sonic the Hedgehog

This film is an adventure-comedy that shows how special friendship with pets can be. In this movie, a lonely blue hedgehog who has been sent to Earth from a distant planet forms an unlikely friendship with a local sheriff Tom Wachowski played by James Marsden. The film is a ton of fun with a solid message about acceptance and the meaning of friendship.

As Tom decides to help Sonic escape Earth and travel to another planet, their journey is filled with some amazing misadventures and funny banter. During his short period on the planet, Sonic also has a bucket list he must fulfil and one of the sweetest goals on it is also to make a real friend, which he finally finds in Tom.

Which pet-friendly movies do you have on your list? Share your favourite picks in the comments below.

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