Aug 29, 2023

40 irritating problems around your home that are actually cheap & easy to fix — here's how

Smoother sailing ahead.

Ideally, home is a cozy nest filled with things that make life easier (and it always stays tidy). In reality, there can be countless little nuisances — a fruit fly family in the kitchen, pet hair tumbleweeds, dust bunnies, and drafts around doors or windows that let precious A/C or heat escape. Altogether, little issues can add up to a big headache. Well, fret not, because I’m here to tell you there are many easy — and easily affordable — solutions for many of the home’s little annoyances. Here are 40 of them.

For sagging sofas, it may seem the only solution is to replace them, but these foam cushions offer an affordable alternative. When placed beneath your slumping sofa, the curved shape of these foam inserts help bring fullness and plush support back to your couch. Plus, these cushions can be easily trimmed to perfectly match the shape and size of your sofa.

This wood furniture repair kit comes with everything you need to make your scuffed, stained, and chipped pieces look like new again. The kit includes six shades of markers and wax crayons, along with a wax stick sharpener. All you have to do is select the shade that matches and draw over the imperfection. You can even use it on wood cabinets and floors.

If your pet is a messy eater or drinker, these silicone splash mats will help keep your floors clean. Raised edges are designed to trap spills and contain kibble while the nonslip material keeps the mat from sliding out of place. This mat is easy to wipe down or can be thrown into the dishwasher (just be sure to place it in the top rack). Choose from four sizes.

No need for ladders to clean the ceiling fan, because this extendable duster can be stretched from 27 inches to 47 inches in no time, allowing you to easily reach high places. The fluffy microfiber body wraps around each blade individually to trap dust without scattering it down on you. It’s also reusable — just hand wash to clean.

This reusable pet hair remover means your days of replenishing lint rollers are over. Instead of sticky tape, this hair remover has a unique brush that helps trap every bit of fur. All the hair is neatly collected into a single compartment that’s easily emptied out with the click of a button. This handy tool is a fan favorite on Amazon with over 110,000 five-star ratings.

If the grout from your bathroom floor still looks dirty after endless scrubbing, it’s time to give this best-selling grout pen a try. Available in 10 shades, this pen’s nontoxic formula helps restore grout to its original color for brighter, cleaner-looking floors. Easy to use, you can choose between a narrow or wide-tipped pen, depending on your tile placement. This pen also works well on kitchen counters or shower walls with tile.

These terracotta plant watering spikes help deliver the right amount of water to your greenery so you never have to worry about under- or over-watering them again. To use, simply create a small hole in the soil of your planter and insert any long-neck bottle into the top. Depending on the type of plant, these stakes can help keep your plants perfectly watered for up to 10 days.

Rather than block out sunlight with drapes, you can let in natural light while still achieving some much-needed privacy with these semi-transparent window films. Boasting a geometric pattern, these films also help reduce glare and block some of the sun’s harmful rays. They can also be used on glass doors and cabinets. Best of all, these films are applied without using any adhesive, just add water.

You love your cat, but you probably don’t love the messes they make. To prevent your cat from scattering litter around the house, use this double-layer litter mat, which is made from soft mesh that catches the stuff so it doesn’t end up on your floors. To clean, simply pass over it with a vacuum or give it a good shake outside or back into the box. The anti-slip mat is waterproof and comes in eight colors.

Install these adhesive door draft stoppers and you just might save some money on your energy bill. They have a super strong adhesive that’s easy to stick on and install, and they’re made of flexible silicone, which prevents heat and cold from escaping interior and exterior doors without affecting their function. As a bonus, they also help reduce noise and can keep pests out, saving you on costly exterminators.

Remembering to turn on (and off) your sprinklers can feel like a full-time job — make it easy with this sprinkler timer. You can program this battery-operated timer to run on certain days of the week, during certain times of the day, and for a specific amount of time. It also has a rain mode that shuts off sprinklers for up to 72 hours if needed.

Help prevent your shower drain from getting clogged with this stainless steel drain protector that traps hair before it goes down. Designed to fit any standard 4-inch drain opening, it successfully catches loose hair while letting water flow through seamlessly. Cleanup is as easy as swiping all the gathered hair out, then disposing of it in a trashcan.

Use this drywall repair putty to quickly fill any large or small holes or cracks in the wall and get it looking just like new. It comes with a convenient twist-up applicator that’s applied directly to the drywall without the use of any additional tools, making for an easy and mess-free experience. The putty is designed not to shrink or crack and it can be sanded down to prepare for painting.

If your AC window units are letting in a draft, these insulating foam panels are the solution. They help keep out hot air in the summer, increasing the efficiency of the unit and also keep out cold air during the winter months. Absorbing both noise from the outside and the vibration of the AC unit, these foam panels can be cut to match the dimensions of your window and are installed with minimal effort.

Catch flies, mosquitos, and moths with minimal effort and mess thanks to this plug-in insect trap. The UV light from this device lures in insects and traps them using refillable panels lined with a sticky adhesive that is free of chemicals. These plug-in traps work in any outlet and once they’re full of bugs, just toss the panel and pop in a new one.

These stainless steel shower caddies provide extra storage in your bathroom without taking up valuable counter or cabinet space. Suitable for use inside the shower or out, they install quickly and easily on any flat surface thanks to an ultra-strong adhesive. These extra-deep shelves are equipped to hold the largest bottles and can handle up to 15 pounds each.

Instead of tossing out dull or blunt knives, use this compact knife sharpener that will help them slice and dice as well as the day you bought them. With a few easy, light strokes against its tungsten carbide, this one works on all kinds of knives (including serrated ones). It also has a suction-cup base to keep it safely in place as you sharpen.

If bright LEDs from your devices keep you up at night, try using these light-blocking stickers. Available in a set that includes over 100 stickers of varying sizes and shapes, they help black out the brightness of LED lights — just peel and stick. Plus, they are hardly noticeable and can be used on everything from game consoles to TVs and more.

These stove gap covers help prevent crumbs and spills from slipping into the abyss between your stove and kitchen counters. Made from flexible silicone, each gap cover has a T-shape design that sits perfectly in that crevice, making cleanup way easier. Just trim it to size for a precise fit and wipe them down like you would the rest of your counters.

If your door constantly slams shut when you want it to stay open, try propping it ajar with this humorous and playful door stop that’s shaped like a human. It’s made from slip-resistant silicone that won’t damage your floors and that stays securely in place, even when used against heavy doors.

Help restore dry and cracked wood cutting boards or surfaces — and help protect them from future wear and tear — by applying this food-grade mineral oil. Awarded five-star ratings by over 32,000 reviewers, this highly rated oil works to hydrate wood and restore sheen with just a few swipes. The best part? It can be used to polish marble and stainless steel, too.

Avoid throwing away wilted produce by storing it in this produce keeper that helps fruits and vegetables stay fresher for longer in your fridge. The grated basket inside the container and the adjustable ventilation slot promote airflow and help reduce humidity. Plus, there’s a carbon filter that absorbs ethylene gas to help prevent spoilage.

​​This reversible dishwasher sign indicates whether the dishes are clean or dirty so everyone in the house knows their status. This way, you can ensure that you’re not wasting energy by rewashing dishes that are already clean. It’s magnetic or if you don’t have a stainless steel dishwasher you can use the attachment with a peel-and-stick adhesive.

Not only does this shower head deliver a high-pressure flow that’s incredibly refreshing, but it’s designed to do so while not wasting any extra water. No tools are required for installation and the head can be pivoted to your liking. Available in luxurious finishes and colors, this aesthetically pleasing shower head will contribute to a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom.

These motion-detecting, solar-powered outdoor lights help illuminate your outdoor space at night. Install them to shine on your patio, deck, porch, or yard; they charge with the sun during the day and light up at night when motion is detected up to 26 feet away. There are three types of light modes, and because they’re solar powered, they won’t contribute to your energy bill at all.

Pretty much everything tastes better fried, but the mess it can leave behind in the pan can be tricky to clean. That’s where this oil solidifier comes in. Instead of pouring hot oil down your sink, which can harm pipes, this powder converts hot oil into a jelly-like substance that can be easily scraped from your pan and into the garbage. It's 100% plant-based and helps used oil decompose within 30 days.

Whether you’re grilling, camping, or doing some maintenance, these portable grill lights help provide some much-needed illumination. They have a bendable neck that can be adjusted and a strong magnetic base that latches onto any metal surface to help keep it securely in place. This pack of two lights even comes with a set of batteries.

Help keep stainless steel appliances looking fresh with this stainless steel cleaner and polish. It works to remove fingerprints, watermarks, residue, and grease from your refrigerator, oven, sink, and more, while the microfiber towel buffs it out without leaving scratches or lint behind. The spray is made from a plant-based formula that’s safe to use around kids and pets, and it smells of soothing lavender.

Spare yourself the call to a plumber by using this highly rated drain protector in your bathroom sink. This kit comes with a mushroom-shaped drain catcher that collects hair while keeping it out of sight — just pull it out and wipe off the hair when its time. Included in the set are two adjusters to ensure that it seamlessly fits the size of your drain, along with a silicone drain plug.

Prevent soapy sludge from accumulating in your bathtub or kitchen counter by using these soap dishes. They have ridges that help soap dry, and the sloped design allows any excess water to drain into your tub or sink. Since they’re made from durable silicone, they’re nonslip and super easy to clean — simply hand wash or toss in the dishwasher.

Staying hydrated is prudent, but lugging around a huge canteen can be annoying. This attachable water bottle handle makes carrying your drink much more functional. The rubber ring loops around the opening of your canteen so you can easily carry it by this convenient, waterproof handle made from durable nylon. This accessory also happens to have a handy clasp, compass, and even fire starter so it’s ideal for camping.

Keep all your important events front and center with this big monthly planner. It’s undated — so you don’t need to wait till the new year to start keeping track — and allows you to fill out the year, month, and days accordingly. It has plenty of space to write down important dates and designated sections to write monthly goals, track habits, list to-dos, and even monthly accomplishments. It also has a generous notes section.

Cooking is all fun and games until you see the mess you’ve left behind. With this silicone utensil holder, you can help minimize some of that mess. Instead of placing dirty spoons and spatulas directly on the counter, place them on this mat which catches messes and has slots to keep your utensils organized. Best of all, you can pop this mat in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

These self-adhesive door bumpers can be attached to the the inside of cabinets, drawers, and doors to absorb shock, helping reduce the noise made when your door swings shut and to help protect the contents inside. With a strong grip and good rubber cushion, these bumpers can also be added to vases, laptops, cutting boards, picture frames, and other items to protect the tops of wood furniture.

You can fix the hole or rip in your window screen without having to replace the entire thing thanks to this window screen repair kit. Since this kit is adhesive, all you have to do is cut off an appropriately sized piece, peel, and stick. Plus, it conveniently comes in black and silver, so it’ll match almost any screen.

Made from stainless steel, this splatter screen is designed to be placed over your pan while frying foods to prevent grease from splattering all over your stove, walls, and hands. The fine mesh material blocks oil while still allowing steam to escape. Available in a variety of sizes, this screen is rustproof and cleans easily in the dishwasher after use.

Instead of calling a pricey plumber or pouring harsh chemicals down your drain, you can help alleviate your sink clog with this set of drain clog removers. It includes six plastic snakes with serrated edges that cling to the debris clogging your sink, and also includes a stainless steel snake with a metal claw that opens and closes using a hand spring. Use this for clogged toilets, kitchen sinks, and bathtubs.

Never break a wine glass again with this set of stemless, unbreakable wine glasses made from a heavyweight plastic that won’t shatter if dropped. Ideal for outdoor dinner parties, travel, or a day at the beach, these shatterproof glasses look just as good as the real thing. They’re BPA-free and dishwasher-safe so they won’t warp or get cloudy.

When furniture slips and slides around, it can cause serious damage to your floors — which is where these protective pads come in. They have a soft felt core wedged between a nonslip rubber lining and an adhesive layer that firmly sticks to furniture. Not only do these pads help keep your floors in tip-top shape, they also prevent furniture from sliding around.

Get rid of the unwanted smells coming from your sink’s garbage disposal with these odor-eliminating garbage disposal cleaner drops. These citrus-scented pods help break down food residue stuck in your garbage disposal leaving it fresh and clean. The best part is they require minimal effort — just run some hot water, pop in the pods, and let your garbage disposal run for about 15 seconds.