Jun 11, 2023

4 Best Privacy Screen Protectors for iPad 10th Generation

The iPad 10th Generation is a substantial upgrade over its predecessor, mainly in terms of the display. You get a larger 10.9-inch display which gives you a big canvas for both watching content and note-taking. While you may want to protect the large display from scratches, you might also want to protect it from predatory eyes in public! The best way to do so is by getting a privacy screen protector for your iPad 10th generation.

A privacy screen protector not only adds a layer of protection for the display but also gives you an extra bit of privacy when using your iPad outdoors. If you wish to keep the eyes of your fellow passengers on a flight away from the contents on your iPad, here are some of the best iPad 10.9-inch privacy screen protectors that you can buy.

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The SuperGuardz tempered glass protector is a privacy screen protector for the iPad 10th generation that covers the entire front of the tablet including the bezels on the side. You get solid protection along with smooth curves, thanks to the 2.5D edges on the glass.

Of course, apart from the protection that you get for the display, the privacy aspect kicks in when viewing the iPad horizontally. If you look at the screen head-on, you will see it just as it is. However, if you try looking at the display from the sides, the display will appear almost blacked out. The disadvantage of this is pretty evident when watching movies or shows on the iPad.

Further, the colors will look slightly washed out and you can only view the content properly from the front.


If you want to block out content from the people next to you and block out the harmful blue light emitting out of your iPad’s display at night, this is a good screen protector to get. The FILMEXT iPad 10th generation privacy screen protector is a good pick if you use your iPad often with the lights turned off.

While you get the additional functionality of the blue-light protector, you’re missing out on the drop protection that you get with a glass screen guard since this one has a plastic build. Plastic scratches easily and doesn’t provide as much scratch resistance which is the downside of this screen protector.


There’s nothing much that’s different with this screen protector compared to the previous one, except that this is made of glass whereas the previous listing had a plastic screen. Glass provides superior protection against both scratches and cracks which makes this a better product in our opinion.

However, glass also adds some additional weight to your phone which is why some users may prefer the plastic alternative. The privacy aspect of this glass works well along with blocking out the harmful blue light emitted from the iPad’s display. All the downsides of a privacy screen protector like poor viewing angles and washed-out colors are applicable here too.


The solution to all the problems faced by users with a privacy screen guard is here — almost. This is one of the most practical iPad privacy screen protectors that you can buy because it has magnets at the edges that attach to the bezels of the iPad. This means you can install the screen protector when doing something confidential on the iPad and take it off when you’re done.

You’re getting the best of both worlds this way as your information stays protected from strangers, and you’re not ruining the quality of the display when watching videos or movies.

Of course, like everything on this Earth, this screen protector isn’t perfect either. It’s made of PET film instead of glass so it’s not as protective and gets scratched up easily. Also since there’s no adhesive, dust can easily get on the screen protector and ruin your experience of using it.

A privacy screen protector for your 10.9-inch iPad 10 is a good investment if you travel a lot by public transport and don’t want the people sitting next to you to see what you’re up to on your tablet. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can pick any of the options mentioned and they will serve you well.

Last updated on 02 December, 2022

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