Sep 16, 2023

The Best Screen Protectors for Steam Deck

Don't let scratches or cracks ruin the game. Get a screen protector for your Steam Deck.

Valve's Steam Deck is an impressive piece of kit. This powerful handheld gaming PC is one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite Steam titles on the go. However, while you do so, you'll want to keep that screen as pristine as possible and protect it against scratch damage, fingerprints, and smudges.

With many screen protectors custom cut for the Steam Deck, there's plenty of choice out there. Whether you want one that offers superfast, hassle-free installation, excellent touch sensitivity and visual clarity, or the most protection possible, here are some of the best options available right now.

Premium protection for your Steam Deck

Rated at 9H hardness, the Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector offers excellent protection for your Steam Deck. It is also highly resistant to fingerprint and oil damage and offers hassle-free installation with an included auto-alignment tool.

This tempered glass Steam Deck screen protector from Spigen sits at the premium end of the table when it comes to the available options. With only one protector per pack as well, it might not be the best option if you want the best bang for your buck. However, as you’d expect from Spigen, it oozes quality and is one of the best screen protectors for your Deck.

Custom cut specially for Steam Deck, it fits your device perfectly and offers excellent protection with a 9H hardness rating. It also boasts excellent clarity that won’t dim the original screen’s brightness, and its oleophobic coating is anti-fingerprint and oil-resistant. Once applied, you’ll notice the same responsiveness from your Steam Deck’s touchscreen that you had before.

Aiding that application is a handy alignment tray that comes with your Spigen screen protector. This EZ fit tray makes installation much easier and removes the guesswork from lining things up. In addition, simple, clear instructions make it almost impossible to fudge the application process. You also get a microfiber cloth and screen wipes for a clean and bubble-free installation.

Steam Deck screen protector with super strength

Boasting five times the strength of other Steam Deck screen protectors, JSAUX's 2-Pack Screen Protector preserves your screen's integrity without breaking the bank. Protect your screen against scratch damage, and enjoy hassle-free installation with its guiding tray.

If you prefer not to live life on the edge and welcome the safety net of a second backup screen protector, you might prefer this JSAUX Ultra HD Glass Protector for Steam Deck. Rated at 9H hardness, this double pack offers good value for money and provides you with that all-important second chance.

Boasting five times more durability than other screen protectors, this is one tough nut to crack. It keeps your Deck's screen out of harm's way while providing 99.99% transparency once installed. In addition, an electroplated oleophobic layer offers effective resistance against grubby fingerprints and scratches.

As with the Spigen screen protector, this one also comes with an alignment tray to aid the installation. Admittedly, there’s more margin for error here, but if you take your time and diligently smooth out any bubbles, you should find it fairly simple to apply.

Best protection for the least amount of money

With a complete installation kit for each screen protector, the Benazcap 2-Pack Steam Deck Screen Protector offers excellent value for money. With it, you can ensure long-lasting screen performance without breaking the bank.

For the best possible value for money, the Benazcap 2 Pack Steam Deck Screen Protector is nigh-on unbeatable. This 9H tempered glass protector is as tough as more premium options and has been crafted with a reinforced hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, making it highly resistant to fingerprint smudging and water damage.

This ultra-thin screen protector retains the original touch sensitivity of the Steam Deck and offers a crystal-clear viewing experience. It's also effective at filtering out harmful blue light, minimizing the risk of eye strain and the like.

While it doesn't come with an installation tray, Benazcap includes a full installation guide, along with a microfiber cloth, screen wipes, dust removal stickers, and a bubble scraper to make the application as painless as possible. So, as long as you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves a bit, the Benazcap Steam Deck screen protector is a great budget option for buyers.

On in sixty seconds

With its one-touch installation, the amFilm Steam Deck Screen Protector is the fastest way to protect your console against damage. It includes everything you need for a foolproof installation while boasting excellent durability to keep your Deck safe.

The amFilm OneTouch Screen Protector boasts the easiest installation compared to its rivals, an impressively quick 60-second process, according to amFilm. It comes pre-set inside an auto-alignment tool and can be applied with just one swipe, reducing the usual fumbling when applying these things.

With 9H durability, fingerprint resistance, and 99.9% transparency, this screen protector covers all the bases very well. It's also highly responsive and doesn't affect your Steam Deck's screen sensitivity. Additionally, each screen protector comes nestled in its own application frame and has its own range of accessories, including microfiber cloth, wet wipes, and dust removal covers.

However, the superfast, bubble-free installation does come at a premium. But if you don’t trust yourself to do the job manually, or simply don’t want to, you might consider this money well spent. It's the best option for Steam Deck gamers in a hurry.

For gaming fun in the sun

Thanks to its anti-glare coating, the Ambison Matte Glass Screen Protector is the perfect way to protect your Steam Deck and enjoy game time in the open air. By repressing light reflection, it allows you to use your Steam Deck even in bright sunlight, making it more portable and versatile than ever.

While the Ambison double-pack matte Steam Deck screen protector comes at a slightly higher cost than much of the competition, there's a good reason for it. It offers a perfect fit, boasts a 9H hardness rating, and features an oleophobic surface to ward off fingerprints and smudging. However, what really makes it stand out is its exceptional anti-glare properties.

A strong anti-glare coating on the screen protector effectively suppresses light reflection. With it, you can take the Steam Deck into the open air and enjoy your Steam favorites while basking in glorious sunlight. With no annoying screen glare to ruin your enjoyment, you have many more options for choosing your gameplay environment.

Installation is a more hands-on process, but it does come equipped with all the tools you need to get it done and smooth out those bubbles. So there’s no real quibbles there. Plus, with an anti-glare ace up its sleeve, the Ambison screen protector is the best choice for al-fresco Steam Deck gameplay.

A jack-of-all-trades among Steam Deck screen protectors

The JETech Screen Protector for Steam Deck offers reliable protection for your console, with 9H hardness to safeguard against scratch and shock damage. An ultra-thin design also won't interfere with the touchscreen's sensitivity.

The JETech Steam Deck Screen Protector is a solid, if not remarkable, all-rounder. This tempered glass screen protector is built with 9H hardness and has an oleophobic coating, making it durable and resistant to oils and fingerprints. Its ultra-thin design allows for 99% light transmittance, and you get two screen protectors with this pack.

Once installed, you should still be able to enjoy the same touchscreen sensitivity and brilliant HD clarity. It comes with two installation kits, one for each screen protector, making installation a breeze.

On the downside, there’s no alignment tray or bubble removal card here. However, it’s by no means the end of the world, and this is still a quality Steam Deck screen protector at an affordable price point.

Three for the price of one

If you like to get more for your money, the iVoler 3-Pack Screen Protector for Steam Deck is for you. This tempered glass triple pack protects against drop, shock, and scratch damage yet still provides a fluid touch response with an ultra-clear image.

If you want an even better bang for your buck, the iVoler Steam Deck screen protector is an excellent choice. This triple-pack screen protector kit will keep your Deck’s screen ably buffed for innumerable gaming hours. Each screen protector has been laser cut for a precise fit and features a 9H hardness rating for solid protection.

Ultra-thin at just 0.3 millimeters, it allows for a highly responsive touchscreen gaming surface and provides ultra-clear transparency. An oleophobic coating nixes any fingerprint or smudge damage, and you get a full installation kit for each screen protector here, too.

While they may not offer the highest possible quality regarding screen protection or visual quality, there’s plenty to admire here nonetheless. And considering that you get three screen protectors for the price of one, any gripes are indeed very minor. It's a solid option for gamers on a budget.

When contemplating the best way to protect your Steam Deck, there are one or two things to consider. Price and the level of protection are the most crucial factors, but you may also want to factor in the ease of installation and advanced features like fingerprint resistance and anti-glare capabilities.

The JSAUX Steam Deck Screen Protector ticks a lot of the right boxes. With two screen protectors included, you get decent value for your money. It's five times as strong as the competition, fingerprint-resistant, and provides everything for an effortless installation.

For budget buyers, the Benazcap double-pack is the best option for the price point. Offering solid and dependable protection, you get two 9H tempered glass films in this pack that allow for ultra-HD clarity as well as sensitive touchscreen functions. And as long as you don't mind the more manual installation required here, you can save a few dollars for your next Steam purchase instead.

However, for the best protection you can get for your Steam Deck, there's no better option than the Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Yes, it's on the expensive side, and you only get one screen protector included. But once you get past these two negatives, everything else is purely positive. The included alignment tray simplifies the installation process, removing the risk aspect. It also fits perfectly and offers the best blend of protection and function out of the available options.

Premium protection for your Steam Deck

Rated at 9H hardness, the Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector offers excellent protection for your Steam Deck. It is also highly resistant to fingerprint and oil damage and offers hassle-free installation with an included auto-alignment tool.

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