Aug 05, 2023

Movmax Hurricane Rain Deflector

The Movmax Hurricane Rain Deflector has been designed as an affordable solution for anyone who is looking for a rain deflector. It also has the added benefit of incorporating a matte box.

The Movmax Hurricane Rain Deflector features a high bypass ratio electric turbofan. The brushless motor is claimed to be able to spin at up to 81,000rpm. Air gets sucked in through the side and then passed down vertically over the front glass.

The Hurricane also has an IPX8 waterproof rating and it utilizes Oleophobic and Hydrophobic coated glass so that raindrops won’t gather on the glass surface. The double layer rainproof glass increases transparency and Movmax claims that it has a transmission rate of up to 99.7%.

According to Movmax, the Hurricane is different from other traditional rain deflectors on the market, although I have a feeling that Bright Tangerine might strongly disagree. The Hurricane utilizes a straight waterfall wiper-like structure so that water will not gather in the center of the rain deflector. It will also work non-stop for 30 minutes and at full speed under high-speed shooting conditions. It has a step-less adjustment of internal and external air circulation so it will also work as an anti-fogging device which is a handy feature.

The system also comes with a remote control, although this appears to be quite basic and the speeds you can set look to be only 50% and 100%. On the actual Hurricane itself, you can choose to set the speed at 10%, 30%, 70% or 100%.

It mounts onto your lens using the included 80mm/ 95mm/ 110m/ 114mm lens adapters. There is also a 19mm rod mount adapter in the kit.

It appears to be powered via an included 1m and 2m power cables that have a D-tap on one end. The input voltage is 7.4v to 16.8v. You also get a single 4 x 5.65″ filter tray where you can add your own filter.

The Movmax Hurricane Rain Deflector looks like an interesting product, but it is hard to pass any sort of judgment on it without having used one or seen any meaningful footage of it being used in extreme environments. In all of the supplied videos from Movmax, there was nothing showing how it performs on a car-mounted rig or anything traveling at speed, instead, it was just some light rain on a fixed camera.

I am also not sure about how well a clamp-on rain deflector would work that has the fan unit on the top when placed on moving vehicles traveling at speed, especially since Movmax doesn’t list how much it weighs. You could, of course, rod mount it instead.

The Movmax Hurricane Rain Deflector retails for $4,199 USD. Above you can see what is included in that price.

Direct competition comes in the form of the Bright Tangerine Prodigy Rain Deflector.

The Prodigy doesn’t use any moving or spinning parts like a traditional rain spinner. Instead, it uses a compressor that pushes air down through a hose and then over a special piece of glass.

The air from the compressor is forced over the front of the glass at 300mph. Because of the pressure of the air, water gets removed before it can settle on the glass.

The Prodigy has undergone quite a few changes since we first saw a prototype back in 2019. There is now a different control mechanism and compressor. The controller can now be set to three different speeds.

The Prodigy was used extensively in Batman and the Bright Tangerine team received a lot of feedback that led to small changes that have now found their way into the final shipping unit.

Above you can see some scenes in this BTS video where the Prodigy was used.

Prodigy has also been used in numerous movies, commercials, and TV shows and it is currently on the set of Dune 2.

Unlike when you use a spinner, you won’t get a dead spot in the middle of the lens if you are tilting your camera up or down. The other benefit is that if you are operating handheld you-you won’t be fighting a centrifugal force.

The Bright Tangerine Prodigy Base Kit is $6,999.99 USD. The Production Kit retails for $7,999.99 USD. Both are now available to purchase.

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