Jun 02, 2023

Can I remove the screen protector on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5?

The inner screen on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 has a pre-applied screen protector. Nice! But can it be removed?

As its name portrays, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 marks the fifth iteration of a clamshell-type foldable that Samsung is bringing to the market. The most significant upgrades with this generation are the large 3.4-inch outer screen and improved hinge, which finally allows the phone to fold flat.

Now, if these improvements convinced you to finally order the compact foldable, when you unfold it for the first time, you'll notice a screen protector applied on the inner screen.

This TPU layer is meant to protect the Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) panel, but if you're wondering whether you can remove the screen protector on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, the simpler answer is, Yes. But make sure to read through the rest of this article before you go through with removing the screen protector.

While it's possible for a user to remove the pre-applied screen protector, Samsung issues an advisory against doing so, as making a mistake here can damage the display.

Suppose you want to remove the screen protector because it's coming off from the edges, or you've seen bubbles forming underneath it. In that case, Samsung offers a free replacement within the first 12 months of owning the phone at most of its repair partners, which includes retail giants like Best Buy. And subsequent replacements will only cost an additional $20.

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With this generation, the inner screen is better protected due to the improved hinge, plus the frame is made from Armor Aluminum to prevent damage from falls. The IPX8 water resistance and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 everywhere else further make the device more resilient to damage.

All of this combined shows how far Samsung's foldable phones have come, especially the dainty Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

The latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 comes with a large 3.4-inch cover display, a 6.7-inch AMOLED foldable display with 120Hz refresh rate, upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, dual-12MP cameras, and much more.

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