Jun 05, 2023

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 screen protectors

Get something for the inside and something for the outside too.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 has two equally lovely displays, one of which unfolds to reveal a gigantic slab. Such an expensive device undoubtedly warrants the best sort of protection. Replacing the internal display can be a nightmare, and it might cost you your house or worse. So, it's just good sense to grab one of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 screen protectors.

Most Galaxy Z Fold 5 screen protectors come in sets that include coverage for the external screen as well as the internal one. If you're looking to stretch your dollar, you'll go for the multipacks that also include camera lens protectors and multiple units of screen guards. Taking your budget into consideration, these are all your best options.

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Staff pick

Jack of all trades

The IMBZBK 9 in 1 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Screen Protector remains a crowd favorite. This all-inclusive set gives you two installation frames, all the little cleaning swabs needed, and a bunch of protective guards for both displays as well as the camera lenses. There are three tempered glass pieces for the front screen, three glass screen guards for the camera unit, and three more TPU films for the internal folding screen.

Cheerfully cheap

The TQLGY 6 in 1 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Screen Protector set is slightly cheaper than IMBZBK's offering. You get nearly all the same products, but there are only two units of each protective gear and only a large assistive frame. There are two lens protectors, two plastic films for the larger screen, and two tempered glass pieces for the outer screen.

Mind your business

Milomdoi's 6 in 1 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Privacy Screen Protector set features privacy screen protectors for both your foldable's displays, including the TPU film and the external tempered glass sheet. Milomdoi gives you assistive frames for both the outer and inner screens. There are two pieces of everything, including darkened lens protectors.

Plastic all around

Not a big fan of tempered glass? The Supershieldz 2 Pack for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 includes two units of high-clarity TPU films for the front screen and two more for the larger foldable one. This is the cheapest set of high-grade Fold 5 screen protectors. Each film is oleophobic and capable of self-healing small abrasions.

Value buy

Fotbor calls this a three-pack, but it's really an incomplete multipack. The 3 Pack Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Screen Protector set includes three plastic film protectors for the Fold 5's folding screen, three tempered glass protectors for the external display, and three individual glass lens covers. Since the Fold 5 has three cameras, all of the lens covers are used up in one go. However, you still get pretty good value.

Premium pick

Spigen's premium screen protector lineup caters to the Galaxy Z Fold 5, but only partially. The Spigen GlasTR EZ FIT for the Fold 5 features two case-friendly tempered glass screen guards. Unfortunately, these are only for the 6.2-inch external AMOLED panel. That's a steep price to pay for half the desired protection, despite the quality of the products.

Now, there's some debate about replacing the built-in internal screen protector of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. While Samsung does not recommend this, there are many reasons why you might want to purchase a separate one and change it yourself. Perhaps you dislike the look and feel, or maybe your factory-installed protector is gross and scratched up. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of solid replacements available on the market and they cost a fraction of what Samsung charges.

For a phone of such magnificent prowess, you want 360-degree protection. This includes both displays as well as the cameras. IMBZBK has exactly that in its roster, giving you a 9-in-1 package for less than $25. The fantastic IMBZBK 9 in 1 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Screen Protector multipack has three units of camera lens protectors, tempered glass protectors, and TPU films. The plastic TPU film is for the internal folding screen. You don't have to worry about getting the perfect fit either because IMBZBK throws in two frames to help you, at no extra cost.

For a few dollars less, you can also score the TQLGY 6 in 1 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Screen Protector set. This multipack includes only one installation frame and two pieces of every protective gear: glass lens protectors, external screen tempered glass, and internal display TPU film.

Make sure you grab the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 cases to go with your robust screen protectors. This is essential for preserving your Samsung foldable's chassis and vulnerable bits other than the displays.

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