Jun 15, 2023

Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra screen protectors in 2023

Save your screen from the wrath of keys, coins, and everyday handbag debris

Samsung’s latest marvel, the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, has ascended as the ultimate Samsung Tablet. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Tab S8 Ultra, the S9 Ultra has captured our collective imagination with its expansive display, super-speedy performance, and ingenious software tricks. It’s a device that every tablet enthusiast craves and wishes to attain. And as someone fortunate enough to make that dream a reality, you’ll want to safeguard your treasured piece from all harm. That’s why we recommend investing in a fabulous Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra case and pairing it up with one of the best screen protectors in our collection below.

Want to give your screen an immaculate defense against harm? Look no further than JETech’s tempered glass shield. Designed explicitly for the Tab S9 Ultra, this guard provides true edge-to-edge protection of your display without tinkering with the high-definition glory or lightning-fast touch response. The 9H-hard shield also sports hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, which help keep its surface ever free of smudge and fingerprints. And let’s not forget the included installation frame, and guide, that makes bubble-free application a breeze!

AtFoliX TPU protector — the only screen guard that could make ‘4H-hard’ feel like ‘the best!’ While the protector is merely a non-glass film, it offers remarkable defense against scratches (and cracks) thanks to its integrated absorber layers. The German-made FX-Antireflex Film also helps improve screen readability, especially under intense sunlight. And it’s all a result of its reflection-reducing matte surface. To add the cherry on top, the protector features optimized adhesive layers, which makes installation strikingly convenient.

In search of a first-rate protective film that doesn’t cost an Island and its treasures? Supershieldz’s matte film has got you. Similar to the atFoliX TPU protector, this PET film reduces glaring and reflection on your tab’s screen, improving clarity and readability. It’s even as easy to apply and offers similar levels of defense against damage — although lacking considerably in the crack protection department. What separates both protectors, however, is the huge $15+ margin in their price.

Crafted with the utmost precision and expertise, AACL's tempered glass protector offers incredible protection against scuffs and thumps. It's burst-poof, so if your screen is smashed to oblivion, you won't have shards of screen protector glass splurged all over the place. But what's more interesting about this piece is that it comes with the needed tools for a stress-free application, including wipes, suction cups, cleaning cloths, dust removers, and an installation guide.

EpicGadget may not be a household name in the screen protector industry, but its Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra protective shield is certainly a noteworthy option. With a hardness rating of 9H, the guard is perfectly capable of warding off scratches and cracks of all kinds. And it does this without causing any form of fogginess or unclarity to your display. In addition, it’s easy to install; and if need be, it can be removed conveniently without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Supershieldz has been involved in the art of producing top-quality protective shields for some time now, and its accumulated experience is ravingly evident with this piece. With a hardness score of 9H and transparency of 99.99%, the screen protector defends your tab’s display from harm while ensuring that the quality of visuals isn’t messed with. Additionally, its edges are 2.5D-rounded, fostering a smooth and seamless swiping across the corners of your screen.

This ultra-clear, crystal-like protective film from AtFoliX offers unparalleled resistance to scratches and cracks. While it’s no more than 6H-hard on the surface (equivalent to a pencil tip), the protector sports multiple layers of durable materials, which are capable of taking on various forms of mechanical damage — without having your phone’s display afflicted. To top it off, the silicone film features a ‘100% bubble-free adhesion’ mechanism, guaranteeing a snug and seamless fit on your display.

Elevate your S9 Ultra's defenses with the Zeking screen guard. Crafted with precision and expertise, this protector reinforces your display to withstand immense damage while reducing glare and unwanted reflections. What makes the guard special, though, is the paper-like feels of its surface. It makes writing and drawing on your tablet, with the S Pen, feel very much like using a real pencil on actual paper. And it does this while simultaneously decreasing the wear-down speed of the pen's nib.

Ever heard of Bruni? Probably not, but you'll want to keep the name in mind once we reveal the perks of this screen protector. Crafted with state-of-the-art technology, this scratch-resistant, crystal-clear PET protector is designed for a perfect fit. Thanks to its optimal adhesion mechanism, it stays firmly in place and doesn't slip once attached. Furthermore, applying it without having pesky bubbles trapped underneath is completely hassle-free.

Despite having spent only a short period on the market, the Galaxy Tab S9 has a fair number of excellent screen protectors. And it’s all a result of the tablet’s popularity and striking resemblance with its predecessor, the S8 Ultra. Among these numerous choices, there are both good and terrible protectors, but we’ve done our due diligence in collating the best of the best for you.

Among the fabulous options we’ve inspected, assembled, and recommended, we particularly endorse a few, with the first and most significant being the JETech tempered glass shield. This guard offers an impeccable defense against scuffs and thumps without obstructing the display's functionality. That, paired with its incredibly easy installation, makes it a superb choice for a glass screen protector. And right next to it in quality is the AACL tempered glass guard.

When it comes to non-glass protectors, two screen guards stand out: the AtFoliX and Supershieldz matte films. Both offer unparalleled protection against damage and simultaneously enhance screen readability, especially under direct sunlight, by reducing unnecessary glaring and reflections. Nevertheless, the atFoliX screen protector is the better choice of the two. Although it costs a lot more, it is made of a more durable material (TPU) than its Supershieldz counterpart, which is crafted from PET.

Regardless of which protector you get for your Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, you can rest assured that you’ll be giving one of the best Android tablets the best protection against damage — as long as you choose from our collection!

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