Aug 16, 2023

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protectors in 2023

Outfit your new Galaxy S22 Ultra with a worthy screen protector to keep it safe

In 2022, the Galaxy S22 Ultra launched as one of the absolute best Android phones. Fast-forward a year and a bit later, and that’s still the case. While the smartphone may have been out-shined by newer phones from Samsung and other manufacturers, it still offers one of the most impressive experiences possible in a smartphone. In fact, it excels so much in nearly every use case that it can still go toe-to-toe with the latest

phones on the market.

If you already own an S22 Ultra, we imagine you’re already aware of just how awesome the device is. And by extension, you’ll want to safeguard it from all harm. That’s why we recommend padding up your precious piece with a Galaxy S22 Ultra case and reinforcing its display with one of the screen protectors in our collection below.

Over the years, Whitestone has earned itself a place among the top screen protector manufacturers, and we see that reputation reflected in its S22 Ultra tempered glass shield. Made to fit perfectly onto your screen without bubbles, this protector employs a UV-cured adhesive and a super convenient application process with the included installation frame. The pack includes two screen protectors, providing a spare in case one gets damaged.

Although it comes at a higher price than most screen protectors in our collection, the Zagg Fusion Defense protector stands is a great option, owing to its flawless compatibility with the S22 Ultra’s under-display fingerprint sensor. It’s not a tempered glass shield, but made of a clear, flexible, scratch-resistant, and shatterproof hybrid polymer that should be just as effective in safeguarding your screen against damage. The only drawback is it's not compatible with thick cases.

We all want a fabulous screen protector to safeguard our phone’s precious display from damage. But not everyone is readily willing to burn loads of cash to get one. That’s where the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield comes into play. Costing a mere $12 for a two-pack, this transparent, scratch-resistant, self-healing TPU film offers edge-to-edge protection for your display. It doesn’t turn yellow or become cloudy over time, and considering how thin it is, it doesn’t increase your device’s bulkiness.

The Alpha Flex TPU film reflects Otterbox’s reputation for making astonishing screen protectors. It’s relatively cheap, doesn’t skimp on scratch and drop protection, and doesn’t meddle with screen clarity and responsiveness. What separates the protector from other TPU films, however, is the integration of a blue light filter for reduced eye strain. Overall, the screen guard is decent, but you shouldn’t opt for it unless you’re comfortable altering your display’s color profile semi-permanently.

Mowei's screen protector is a 9H-hard, scratch-resistant, and shatterproof tempered glass that uses a UV-cured liquid installation to achieve an edge-to-edge protective seal. It works well with the on-screen fingerprint sensor when applied correctly and set under the UV light for 8–10 minutes. To foster a stress-free application it comes with a unique anti-overflow tray that keeps the excess adhesive from creeping over your screen and into your buttons, speakers, or ports, and is sold in a three-pack.

amFilm's screen protector is 3D-curved tempered glass with a hardness rating of 9H. It uses UV-cured adhesive and liquid dispersion technology to allow for bubble-free installation. Its fingerprint area is delimited, so it works well with the on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor of the S22 Ultra. It's also crystal clear, scratch-resistant, and easy to install. It comes in a pack of three protectors, giving you two extra lives for your display.

Spigen is well known for making top-tier protective accessories for smartphones.This non-glass screen shield for the Galaxy S22 Ultra is crystal-clear, doesn't cause glaring or rainbow effects, and protects your display against all forms of scratches without increasing the bulkiness of your device. Additionally, being very thin, it works well with the on-screen fingerprint sensor. But on the flip side, it offers little to no protection against drops and impacts - though at least you get two in a pack.

"You don't need to spend a fortune to get a high-quality tempered glass protector" – AACL took this statement to heart when creating this S22 Ultra screen shield. It's a 9H-hard, 0.26mm-thin tempered glass protector, which comes in a two-pack with an alignment frame and a non-slip mat for easy, stress-free application. Unfortunately, while it's undoubtedly an excellent protector for its price, it lacks a selfie camera cutout, which can obscure the quality of selfies.

Supershieldz is known for making affordable, high-quality screen protectors. Although this S22 Ultra guard isn't our top choice, it's still a solid option. It's a super thin TPU screen shield with multiple protective layers to protect your screen against scratches. It also works fine with the under-display fingerprint scanner. The downside is it causes a bit of glare in direct sunlight, and installing bubble-free is less easy than with other options.

The IMBZBK screen protector is made of flexible TPU plastic. It's crystal clear, offers great scratch protection, and is compatible with most cases. Thanks to its thin build, it plays nicely with the S22 Ultra's under-display fingerprint sensor and doesn't add to the bulkiness of your device. Additionally, it comes in a package of three screen protectors and three high-quality camera lens protectors for more extensive phone safety.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra boasts a design that's beautiful, and surprisingly tough. Despite its elegantly curved front, back, and sides, the S22 Ultra is tougher than most other phones, which allowed it to ace the rigorous PBK durability test.

That said, no phone is impervious to damage, and the curved glass display is undeniably the phone's big weak spot. A protective case will help keep the phone as a whole safe, but you'll need a screen protector if you don't want the phone's front to look like a spider's web of scratches.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s curved display is undeniably aesthetically pleasing. But at the same time, it’s the reason manufacturers struggle to make screen protectors that fit precisely.

Even among the options in our selection, some still stand out from the rest, and the best one for you mostly depends on personal preferences. For instance, if you prefer tempered glass guards for the extra protection they offer, you’ll want to choose between the Whitestone Dome, amFilm, and Mowei screen protectors. Crystal clear and extremely resistant to scratches and cracks, they all provide true edge-to-edge protection for your display. And they stick onto your device screen with UV-cured adhesives and work seamlessly with the under-display fingerprint sensor.

Out of the three, the Whitestone Dome protector stands out as the preferred choice. That said, it may be above your budget, in which case consider going for the much cheaper but nearly-as-good AACL tempered glass protector. But keep in mind that this option lacks a selfie camera cutout, which can mess with the quality of your selfies.

If you think a non-glass film will offer enough protection for you, you’ll want to take a look at the premium Zagg InvisibleShield protector. It’s a hybrid film that offers an almost equivalent level of damage protection to tempered glass shields while being slimmer and much more flexible. But as you’d expect, it comes at a huge expense. On the other hand, there’s the option of going for a super thin and flexible screen guard that offers solid scratch protection but with little to no reinforcement against drops and impacts. If that’s what you desire, check out the ArmorSuit, Spigen, IMBZBK, and Supershieldz films.

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