Oct 01, 2023

Best OnePlus Nord N30 5G screen protectors in 2023

Time to protect the Nord N30's gorgeous 6.72-inch display

The OnePlus Nord N30 achieves its status as one of the best budget Android devices because of its increased screen size. So you'll want the maximum protection to keep scratches and impact damage away from that 6.72-inch panel. Thankfully, depending on protection level and preference, there are many Nord N30 screen protectors and categories from which to choose.

Plastic film protectors are a good option if you want a more precise fit. They will provide scratch and dust resistance but won't protect the Nord N30 from drops as well as tempered glass will. With tempered glass, comparable scratch resistance can be expected, along with the added benefit of shock absorption to prevent shattered screens. But protection isn't all about damage, as anti-spy protectors ensure wandering eyes won't see what's on your display. No matter the style, your OnePlus Nord N30's bare display deserves one of these hearty screen protector options.

Despite being relatively inexpensive, the Mr.Shield Screen Protector for the OnePlus Nord N30 offers three pieces of 9H hardness tempered glass, plus it boasts high scratch resistance and a smooth glossy finish with an oleophobic coating. With that coating, it will handle smudges better from all those finger swipes on the Nord N30's large display.

With an easy installation tray included, the GoTo tempered glass screen protector for the OnePlus Nord N30 applies without fumbling and repositioning over and over. The sturdy tempered glass construction offers great crack and scratch protection. It also provides maximum display clarity and protection against scuffs and micro scratches that annoy every smartphone owner.

The IQ Shield for the OnePlus Nord N30 is a non-yellowing plastic film screen protector that will discreetly safeguard your phone's display. Equipped with an anti-bubble adhesive, the IQ Shield provides a smooth, protective layer for your Nord N30 screen while maintaining good touch sensitivity. Because of this film's sturdy construction, there is less chance of shattering on impact.

The Skinomi screen protector for the OnePlus Nord N30 features a laser-cut precision fit and an anti-bubble installation process. The protector, made from thermoplastic urethane, is designed to absorb impact and self-heal. This tough film material resists minor scratches that can add up to unsightly marks from large pockets of micro scratches.

For privacy-minded individuals, the MOOISVS screen protector offers both the protection of tempered glass and an anti-spy tint that limits viewing from any angle over 45 degrees. It is shatterproof and scratch-resistant, with extra protection for the camera array. You can confidently browse or look at work documents in public knowing you have that extra layer of privacy.

In addition to being case friendly, the Suttkue screen protector for the OnePlus Nord N30 sports a tempered glass, anti-scratch panel with 99% clarity. It comes in a 3-pack and features individual tempered glass circles for each camera lens. With its 9H tempered glass, minor scratches and scuffs won't affect the display's quality.

The Savvies screen protector for the OnePlus Nord N30 is laser cut for precision and features an adhesive layer for bubble-free installation. Its ultra-clear film protects against dust and residue. In addition, the film layer adds shock absorption to resist screen shattering on impact. And there is a hole-punch cutout for the selfie camera.

With its multi-layered design, the Illumishield screen protector for the OnePlus Nord N30 offers a virtually invisible film that still maintains scratch resistance. In addition, it has an anti-bubble silicone resin layer to assist with seamless installation. The Illumishield protector also provides shock absorption to prevent screen shattering on drops.

The DeltaShield BodyArmor screen protector for the OnePlus Nord N30 features military-grade protection with its multi-layered film. In addition to an oleophobic layer, there is a self-healing protective layer. And with shock absorption, falls won't result in a shattered display, and minor scratches cannot ruin your experience. Furthermore, the multiple layers provide additional security.

The Supershieldz screen protector offers tempered glass toughness for your OnePlus Nord N30 at an affordable cost. You receive a 3-pack of protectors, so if one scratches or goes back over time, you can quickly replace it with another. It features rounded edges for a smooth swiping experience and an oleophobic coating to prevent smudging.

For pure value, Mr.Shield screen protectors are hard to beat — you get three sheets of 9H tempered glass for a budget-friendly price. So, if you want the added glass protection but still want to maintain screen clarity, the Mr.Shield protector for the OnePlus Nord N30 is a good choice. Mr.Shield also includes an adhesive layer for easy installation and promises it will not reduce touch accuracy.

If you prefer a film screen protector, the Skinomi Screen Protector is an impressive value, with laser-cut film to precisely cover every inch of your Nord N30 display. It's made from thermoplastic urethane, which provides scratch, puncture, and smudge resistance. Plus, it features a glass-like feel and error-proof installation.

On the other hand, a privacy screen protector might be a good choice if you ride public transportation. The MOOISVS screen protector for the OnePlus Nord N30 provides all the benefits of 9H tempered glass while also including anti-spy features. This means the screen becomes unreadable for anyone viewing from more than a 45-degree angle. It's also shatterproof and has an oleophobic layer to reduce fingerprints.

Whether privacy, durability, or feel is the deciding factor, there is a screen protector for you. Most protectors even allow a OnePlus Nord N30 case to be placed on without interfering with the applied layer.

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