Sep 11, 2023

Best Motorola Razr+ (2023) screen protectors in 2023

Your Razr+ deserves the best

Motorola Razr+ has reinvigorated the company's foldable lineup. The consumers are taking notice, and if you find the Razr+ enticing and have decided to buy it, it's time to start thinking about its protection. One of our handpicked Motorola Razr+ case recommendations will certainly help, but you'll also need protection for the phone's two displays.

While the primary flexible display already comes with a pre-applied screen protector, you may want to replace it if you don't like the feel or if it has started peeling off. But it's also perfectly okay to keep it until it actually needs replacing. However, you don't get any such protection for the 3.6-inch cover screen, apart from the Gorilla Glass Victus. So, you'll need a screen guard to avoid scratches, scuff marks, and other blemishes. Here are our recommendations for the best Motorola Razr+ screen protectors to get started.

Supershieldz is known for its bang-for-the-buck screen protectors, and the company's Razr+ offering is no exception. Its TPU guards for both Razr+ displays promise to keep scratches and scrapes at bay without impacting the clarity or touch response. This $10 pack also includes two protectors for each screen, so you'll have a spare if you have trouble with the installation.

Part of Zagg's InvisibleShield lineup, the Fusion Curve is a cover screen protector for the Razr+. Although made from a hybrid polymer, it offers a glass-like feel and superior scratch resistance. Plus, as the name suggests, the protector is curved to fit the Razr+ cover screen's edges perfectly. In other features, the screen protector is coated with anti-microbial to stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria and other microorganisms that can degrade it.

The IQShield Screen Protector is another excellent TPU-based screen guard for the Razr+. It includes protector films for both displays and has an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprint smudges. In other highlights, this made-in-USA screen protector can fit perfectly on the curved edges of the Razr+ cover display thanks to its flexible nature. Finally, the IQShield protector can recover from minor scratches and dents.

If you don't like glossy screen guards and prefer matte options, you'll like Skinomi's MatteSkin for the Motorola Razr+. Made from TPU material, it reduces glare and keeps the screen readable in bright environments, plus it has self-healing properties to recover from minor abrasions. Skinomi bundles screen guards for both screens, giving you complete protection.

You can safeguard the secondary screen of your Razr+ with the Damondy Screen Protector. It comes with two tempered glass protectors and two camera lens guards, which will cover the entirety of the front of the phone and keep it free from scratches and other blemishes. The glass also features an oleophobic coating to keep the fingerprint smudges away and is rated for 9H hardness.

Protect your Motorola Razr+ screens from scratches, dirt, and fingerprints with the DeltaShield screen protector, made of clear TPU film with an oleophobic coating. Like most other TPU-based screen protectors, it also has self-healing technology to make minor scratches and scruffs disappear over time. The screen protector is case compatible, but some people may find it tricky to install, as it uses wet install.

The Suttkue screen protector is a high-quality TPU film protector for your Motorola Razr+ that will keep both displays safe from scratches and dents. The company supplies the screen protector in four pieces that can cover the entirety of the phone, but you have the option to install whichever you need and ignore the rest. It is easy to apply and does not affect your screen's touch sensitivity or clarity.

Unfortunately, since the Razr+ is a new smartphone, there aren't a lot of screen protector options on the market; however, we expect to see more in the coming weeks and months. But as it's not wise to keep your brand-new foldable unprotected, we have curated the best from what's available. We like the Supershield TPU screen protector because it comes from a trusted brand and includes screen guards for both displays on the phone. Being a TPU protector, it also has self-healing properties, so it can recover from minor scratches and other abrasions over time.

But if you only want protection for the cover screen and need something premium, there is no better option than the Zagg InvisibleShield Fusion Curve. It uses a unique hybrid polymer that gives the feel and clarity of glass without being one. Plus, thanks to its curved edges, it fits perfectly on the Razr's cover screen.

In other options, IQShield's screen protector is another good TPU-based screen protector for the Razr+. It's affordable, has an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprint smudges, and includes screen guards for both Razr+ displays.

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