Oct 15, 2023

6 Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold5, the Z Flip5 received a major upgrade with a bigger external screen and refreshing color options to choose from. If you have pre-ordered one, get a case for a better grip and protection from scratches and accidental drops. Among all the case types, most Z Flip users prefer a clear case to show off the device’s aesthetics. Here are the best clear cases for Galaxy Z Flip5.

Although the Galaxy Z Flip5 comes with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass, no amount of protection can save your device from a fall on a hard surface. As such, it’s better to invest in a capable soft TPU for your new purchase.

Before we start, go through our existing coverage for an optimum Z Flip5 experience.


Since a foldable carries moving parts, it’s hard to design a case for it. VEGO has done an excellent job with their soft TPU case for Flip5 while keeping the costs in check. Let’s quickly glance over it.

The VEGO Soft TPU case is made of high-quality TPU and PC materials with an anti-oxidant layer to resist the infamous yellowing effect. This TPU case is clear, but over time it may develop a yellow tint. However, this particular case is designed to maintain its original appearance for an extended period.

During a hard fall, your phone receives the maximum damage on the corners. VEGO has created a smart design to reduce shock on the corners to keep your Galaxy Z Flip5 safe. It supports fast charging and comes with a screen protector to safeguard the external screen. The case doesn’t protect the Flip5 hinge, though. Check other options for complete Flip5 protection.


JETech is known for manufacturing affordable, high-quality cases for phones and tablets. The company offers a clear and frosted case to give a unique look to your Galaxy Z Flip5.

JETtech clear case ensures complete protection for your Flip5. The case offers 1.4mm raised bezels on the external display, 1.3mm bezels around the camera module, and 0.9 mm raised protection on the internal panel. The improved shock absorption tech offers reinforced cushions on all four corners, thereby preventing any significant damage to the phone.

The company also offers a frosted clear variant of the same case. It comes with a translucent matte back and resists the yellow effect like a pro. The pattern is anti-fingerprint, oil-proof, and has anti-scratch characteristics. It can be ideal if your Galaxy Z Flip5 mostly stays in the purse with other sharp objects.


Using a Galaxy Z Flip5 without a ring holder can be inconvenient at times. If you want a clear case with a ring holder, Boolakos’ offering may interest you.

A ring design not only adds a stylish touch but also improves the device’s portability on the go. It offers a better grip and an improved day-to-day experience with Flip5. You can always remove the ring if you prefer a traditional case style.

The case protects your phone’s external screen and camera module thanks to its raised bezels. The bezels aren’t as pronounced as what you’d get with JETtech’s offering, but a 0.5mm height should be sufficient to avoid direct contact with the surface. The company hasn’t outfitted the case with any anti-yellowing chemicals, so expect your case to show yellow shades quickly.


Designing a case with hinge protection in mind can be a challenging task. SQMCase is one of the few manufacturers to offer complete protection for the Galaxy Z Flip5.

The hinge is the most important part of any foldable. No amount of device protection is enough if you end up damaging the hinge. If you have little ones around all the time or a history of messing up the device hinge, get a clear case from SQMCase that keeps the hinge in check during an accidental fall.

Made of premium TPU and PC materials, the company’s case supports wireless charging and offers raised protection around the corners. It does look bulky, though, and definitely not stylish as some other products on the list. But that’s the price you need to pay for complete hinge protection on the Z Flip5.


If you don’t want to add significant heft to the Galaxy Z Flip5, get a slim case from Ringke. It secures your Z Flip5 without affecting its stylish looks and appeal.

Designed and manufactured in Samsung’s home country, the Ringke slim case is available in several colors. It supports wireless charging as well as Samsung PowerShare to charge your smartwatch or TWS headset on the fly.

As is the case with most other transparent cases, the Ringke clear case will eventually show a yellow patina. If you are worried about the same, get a case with a matte finish. Considering the asking price, we would have preferred a screen protector with the purchase.


Let’s end the list with Samsung’s official clear case for Galaxy Z Flip5. It is compatible with detachable accessories to unlock useful functionalities on the go.

Since it’s the official offering from Samsung, you can expect a pristine fit and finish for your Galaxy Z Flip5. It also offers the easiest way to switch between phone accessories on the go. You can attach a ring for a secure hold. If you are in the mood for some entertainment, you can also turn it into a kickstand and watch your favorite TV shows and movies hands-free.

The clear gadget case should be a safe bet for anyone looking for reliable and no-nonsense protection for their Flip5. However, Samsung doesn’t claim any protection against the yellowing effect, and the company’s clear cases are infamous for yellowing in a short time. Keep that in mind before hitting the buy button.

Get any of the clear cases from the list above, and you will be able to flaunt your favorite foldable to the world without worrying about damaging its frame.

Apart from a clear case, capable TWS earbuds should also be on your priority list for Z Flip5. Instead of settling with a random TWS on Amazon, check our dedicated list to get the best audio experience on Z Flip5.

Last updated on 02 August, 2023

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