May 28, 2023

6 Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch6 may not be a revolutionary update. However, it brings about small yet useful upgrades. There’s improved battery life and smaller bezels surrounding the display. While the latter gives the watch a nice look, it also makes it easier to damage the watch’s display upon impact. Take a look at this list of the best Galaxy Watch6 cases to prevent it from happening.

Since a smartwatch is something many of us wear on a daily basis, it’s normal to bump the watch into walls or corners of a table. Or if you’re adventurous and go on treks, you might end up damaging the display by scraping it against rocks or hard surfaces. Hence, a protective case or cover for your Galaxy Watch6 can be a good investment.

In this post, we’ve listed some of the best cases for the Galaxy Watch6 of various types. Whether you want a rugged case or one that changes the look of the watch entirely, we’ve got you covered (quite literally). But before that –

Size: 40mm and 44mm


As the name suggests, the Ringke Air Sports is a slim case that adds a sporty look to your Galaxy Watch6. It’s a simple TPU case with a matte texture so if you’re not looking to drastically change the look of your watch, this is a good option.

While several protective case covers add a substantial amount of bulk to your watch, the Ringke Air Sports preserves the original look. And if you have a black Galaxy Watch6, the Ringke case would blend right in. In fact, when looked at from a distance, you wouldn’t be able to tell that there’s a case on the watch.

The Ringke Air Sports does a good job of protecting the watch’s chassis. However, the lip on the screen isn’t very pronounced so we suggest pairing it with a tempered glass screen protector. The link above leads you to the product page of the 44mm variant of the Galaxy Watch6. If you have the smaller version, use the link below.

Buy for 40mm

Size: 40mm and 44mm


Spigen’s Liquid Air series of cases are our personal favorite when it comes to smartphones. They offer a good deal of protection while not being too thick. Thankfully, the brand has carried over the same philosophy even to the Galaxy Watch6 case.

If you aren’t particularly careful with your smartwatch, the Ringke Air Sports may not be the best option since it’s quite slim. The Spigen Liquid Air solves that issue by being slightly thicker — just enough to sustain harsh impacts. And it does so while still being minimalistic and not bulky.

The lip around the display is higher so your screen also stays protected. While the Liquid Air Armor makes it obvious that you have a case around your watch, it blends in well with the black variant of the Watch6. So, if protection is your priority, you should opt for Spigen Liquid Air. But if you prefer better looks, the Ringke Air case is the way to go.

Spigen sells the Liquid Air armor for both sizes of the Galaxy Watch6. The link above is for the 40mm variant. You can get the 44mm version by following the link below.

Buy for 44mm

Size: 44mm


Unlike the options above, the Caseology Vault does have an impact on the design of the smartwatch a little. Thanks to its focus on protection, the case has protruding corners that give the Galaxy Watch6 a rugged look.

Not only is the Caseology Vault rugged in terms of looks but it also offers an excellent amount of protection. If you bang your arm against a hard surface, the corners on the Vault case will absorb the impact. The lip on the front is also prominent so you don’t have to worry about the screen getting damaged.

Needless to say, extra protection comes at a cost. And that cost here is design and thickness. The Caesology Vault is slightly bulky so you may find it uncomfortable to wear the watch for long hours every day. It’s also not the most pleasing case to look at so if looks are a priority, skip this one.

Size: 40mm and 44mm


If you wish to convert your smartwatch into a trendy accessory, Supoix’s product is a good option. Studded with polished rhinestones, the watch face cover and band by Supoix make for a stylish yet protective accessory.

The Supoix watch face cover and band can uplift the style quotient of your Samsung Watch. While the face cover is accompanied by tiny stones around its circumference, Supoix’s metal band is set with rhinestones.

This doesn’t just take your watch’s artistry a notch higher but also acts as a protective accessory for the Watch6. The polycarbonate exterior safeguards the bezels and protects the sides of the watch from scratches and dents.

A smartwatch doesn’t generally fare well with formal attire or party outfits. Supoix is out there to change that and they’re doing a pretty good job at it. You also get several color options to choose from, along with variants for both 40mm and 44mm sizes.

Size: 40mm and 44mm


A lot of users may not want to cover up the original look of their smartwatch. That’s where the Spigen Ultra Hybrid steps in. The sides of the case are made of transparent TPU while the top has a solid polycarbonate layer to protect the screen.

If you want to protect your watch’s screen and chassis together, the Ultra Hybrid case from Spigen is a good choice. It also lets you show the original color of your watch so if you picked up a fun new color, you won’t have to hide it behind a generic black case.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid clear case though is that the sides could turn yellow with time. This is an issue that plagues pretty much all clear cases. So if you decide to pick up this case, get ready to spend more money in a couple of months to replace the yellowing case on your Galaxy Watch6.

The link below is for the 40mm variant. If you have the bigger version of the watch, use the link above.

Buy for 40mm

Size: 40mm and 44mm


Unlike any other case on this list, the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro has a rugged band attached to it. So, in order to use the case, you have to remove the existing straps and insert the watch into the Rugged Armor Pro.

If you’re a fan of Casio’s G-Shock lineup of watches, you’ll love the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro for your Galaxy Watch6. It adds an industrial touch to your smartwatch in terms of looks while also offering a great deal of protection. The protruding sides and lip on the front ensure your watch stays protected from all angles.

While you can technically get a standard case and pair it with a separate band, the look you achieve wouldn’t be as seamless as that of the Rugged Armor Pro. We recommend the Rugged Armor Pro for athletes, hikers, or those who desire a sporty look with the functionality of a smartwatch.

It’s worth noting that this case plus strap combo significantly increases the overall size of the watch. The link above is for the 44mm variant so if you have the smaller Galaxy Watch6, use the link below.

Buy for 40mm

A smartwatch is prone to scratches and dents since it’s worn on a daily basis. The best way to protect it from everyday use and abuse is by getting a Galaxy Watch6 case. While some cases simply offer protection, others can even change the way your watch looks! So choose wisely from the options listed above.

Last updated on 04 August, 2023

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