Jul 06, 2023

4 Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Samsung seems to be following Apple’s lead with annual incremental updates for the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Watch6. The Galaxy Watch6, in particular, largely resembles last year’s Galaxy Watch5, barring a few design changes. To wit, you will notice that the bezel surrounding the display is more slender this time around, making the screen appear bigger. Needless to say, the Watch6 looks a smidge better. On the downside, the display is now more susceptible to damage. To tackle that, we’ve made a list of the best screen protectors for the Galaxy Watch6.

A screen protector saves your display from picking up scratches over time. On a device like a watch that you wear every day, a good screen protector also ensures the display remains safe and doesn’t shatter when you accidentally ding it against objects. So, protect your brand-new watch using the Galaxy Watch6 screen protectors listed before. But before that –

Size: 40mm and 44mm


A tempered glass screen protector is generally the best option to protect the display. However, a plastic screen protector like the one from Supershieldz can also come in handy at times. In fact, if you are looking for a slim screen protector to use with a rugged case, Supershieldz’s offering is the way to go.

Some thick cases for the Galaxy Watch6 may not gel well with a tempered glass screen protector. In such cases, you can consider a PET film, even though plastic picks up scratches rather easily. A film is much thinner, so you might benefit from better touch sensitivity when using the Supershieldz screen guard.

However, the biggest downside of thin films like this is they don’t provide any sort of drop protection. If you drop your watch or bang it against a hard surface like the corner of a table, you can only pray your screen doesn’t get shattered. If you end up scratching one, though, the brand bundles three replacement protectors in the pack. The link prefaced above is for the 40mm Galaxy Watch6. If you have the larger version, use the link below.

Buy for 44mm

Size: 40mm and 44mm


If you don’t mind the added thickness, the Suoman tempered glass screen protector offers a lot more protection for your bucks. If you partake in adventurous activities, a tempered glass screen protector is highly recommended.

Sand particles and dust can easily scratch or damage the display on your Galaxy Watch6. Hence, if you often participate in treks or hikes, a tempered glass screen protector is an excellent investment. Since glass is harder than plastic, the Suoman tempered glass is also more difficult to scratch.

Despite being rather inexpensive, Suoman hasn’t compromised on the quality of the screen protector. On that note, the screen protector offers a curved circumference, which improves swiping around using your finger. Additionally, if you mess up the installation or end up shattering one, Suoman includes four tempered glass protectors in the box.

As mentioned earlier, you can click the link above to get the 40mm option. The link for the 44mm variant can be found below.

Buy for 44mm

Size: 40mm and 44mm


Tensea includes both a tempered glass screen protector as well as a bumper case for added protection. The combo offers excellent protection for both your Galaxy Watch6’s display and chassis.

While the tempered glass screen protector keeps your display free from scratches and cracks, the bumper serves two purposes. It protects the watch’s body from dents and gives a fresh new look to your Galaxy Watch6.

In fact, you can switch up the look every single day since Tensea offers five different colors of the bumper case. The company even bundles five screen protectors with every purchase, which is excellent. Since the cases simply snap onto the watch, they’re easy to swap out for other options.

The link above takes you to the landing page for the 44mm variant. If you have the smaller version, select the 40mm version before adding the product to your cart.

Size: 40mm and 44mm


Spigen’s tempered glass screen protectors are quite popular due to one main reason. They’re extremely easy to apply, thanks to an applicator tray included in the box. Along with this, Spigen also uses good-quality glass that feels smooth to the touch.

Unlike all the other screen protectors mentioned above, the GlassTR EZ Fit from Spigen doesn’t require any effort to be applied. Simply place the tray with the glass screen protector on your Galaxy Watch6 to install it on your watch.

The tray ensures there are no alignment issues and prevents dust from entering under the glass. Spigen includes two screen protectors in the box, so while there’s very little chance of messing up the installation, you can swap out a broken protector with ease.

Just like the previous product, the link above leads you to the product page, with the default option being the 40mm variant. Switch to the 44mm version if you bought the larger watch. You can also consider the Ringke tempered glass if you want a premium-feeling screen protector.

These were some of the best screen protectors for Galaxy Watch6. Naturally, adding a screen protector to your watch will ensure the display remains intact for years to come. It can also save you a good amount of money in terms of repair costs since you don’t have to worry about damaging the display when using the watch on a daily basis.

Last updated on 03 August, 2023

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